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Beyond Clothing introduces new proprietary arctic camouflage pattern, US 1928

This new arctic camouflage patter, developed in conjunction with HD ColorTech, will be available now for the K3 – Prima Lochi Jacket and the K5 – Aptus Jacket.

Beyond Clothing K3 Prima Lochi in  RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928
Beyond Clothing K3 Prima Lochi in RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928

During SHOT Show 2019 Beyond displayed a prototype of the new K3 Prima Lochi. The main difference between what we saw back then and the current production model is the Us 1928 camo being used also in the hood.

K3 - Kyros Lochi Reversible Jacket Green - Arctic Camo Snow
K3 – Prima Lochi Lochi in RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928
Beyond Clothing K3 Prima Lochi in  RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928
K3 – Prima Lochi in RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928
Beyond Clothing K3 Prima Lochi in  RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928
Beyond Clothing K3 Prima Lochi in RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928
Beyond Clothing K3 Prima Lochi in  RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928
Beyond Clothing K3 Prima Lochi in RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928

The K5 – Aptus Jacket is the Kyros version of the Axios A5 Stretch Alpha Sweater (an extremely performing and flexible piece of clothing). The technical nature of this garment is inherent in its construction: a very slim 3 layer system.

  • Layer 1: Double-knit Verso Weave™ fleece provides a blanket-soft feel and uses a circular grid pattern to create air channels, keeping you dry by funneling sweat up to the second layer.
  • Layer 2: Polartec® Alpha® Insulation takes the hot sweat sent up from the first layer and then hangs onto the heat to keep you toasty while kicking the moisture up to the third layer.
  • Layer 3: The third and outermost layer uses a durable water repellent (DWR) finish to seal out freshly shed sweat and light rainfall, and features a durable softshell design with 4-way stretch to ward off winds and keep you mobile.
K5 Aptus Jacket in US 1928
K5 Aptus Jacket in US 1928
K5 Aptus Jacket in US 1928

Make sure to stick around for some very interesting new products launching soon.

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SOFIC 2019 | OpsCore AMP Communication Headset

The Ops-Core AMP headset is a very interesting piece of equipment that has really caught the attention of many in the industry. Let’s begin with the elephant in the room: Ops-Core is a well known and established helmet manufacturer (part of Gentex corporation) which means that there is a high expectation of helmet integration. And did Ops-Core deliver? Yes.

Let’s start with external features, before focusing on acoustics and performance.

Current users are interested in a system that is capable of attaching directly on helmet platforms without hindrance or discomfort. Ideally the headset could be mounted to the top (horizontal) portion of the helmet’s rail or to the back (inclined) portion, as pictured below. This provides a wide range of customization and adjustability.

It takes a few seconds to change from headband to rail mounted and viceversa. Also it is very simple to change boom microphone position, as well as the comms (single or dual) downlead.
This allows the user to only have one headset for both operation and range training.

NFMI (Near Field Magnetic Induction)

This system features NFMI earplugs that can be purchased separately. This clever solution allows the user to have a double layer of protection (in ear + over the ear) for enhanced security but it the NFMI technology provides a higher hearing ability. These small earplugs, when placed in position act as a acoustic source for but still maintain the correct dB protection, ideal for indoor use, confined spaces in general or simply to protect the hearing when slightly braking the seal while shouldering a weapon.

These earplugs don’t require cables or batteries, they provide earing protection by closing the earing channel but maintain comms and 3D Hear-through ability through the AMP headset.

3DHT (3D Hear-Through)

Using microphones strategically placed the AMP headset is able to provide improved situational awareness and (compared to other products on the market) it is possibile to understand the direction from which the sounds are coming.

This headset is probably the best (still don’t have any extended experience yet) at creeping into other people’s conversations, when the microphone volume is set to high.

SOFIC 2019 | New Salomon Quest 4D Forces 2

Salomon is presenting a new updated and upgraded version of the Quest 4D.
The new Salomon Forces Quest 4D 2 is TAA compliant and its sole has been upgraded to protect from pierce, shock and electrocution.

The side of the boot and the sole have been updated with the same redesign we have seen in the XA Pro Line last year. This change is intended for enhance protection, durability and comfort during fastroping.

SOFIC 2019 | Geissele

SOFIC 2019 started with a very interesting new trigger from Geissele Automatics. This select fire trigger allows the operator to quickly and effectively switch between semi and full auto settings.

With the growing influence of competitive shooting many operators are feeling more and more comfortable with the 45 degree selectors, and with their efficiency in movement. Unfortunately, until now, this has been inconsistent between semi-auto and select fire issued rifles and carbines.

The new selector from Geissele is here to, very cleverly, eliminate that gap.
From the explanation at their booth, this product was designed to eliminate the issue with current selector switches, which require a full 180 degree manipulation to go from safe to full-auto. This operation is very inefficient, especially in instances that require a full-auto burst.

SAFE: 0 degrees
SEMI: 45 degrees
AUTO: 90 degrees (but it is spring loaded, so it requires the shooter to keep pressure on the selector switch)

Of course this selector is ambidextrous and can be fully customized with different lengths and geometries of switches.

It is extremely intuitive.

The true value of this new selector is actually in the training: it doesn’t require much training after all. It also allows the operators to apply even more the skillset developed during competitions or with modern sporting rifles.

A new selector mounted on a carbine with the new URGI

Geissele Automatics: Project Joy

The latest iteration of this platform feature a new hand guard now compatible with the RRS®/ARCA® interface.

New B5 Systems precision rifle stock

For more information please visit:

Company Presentation: FROG.PRO

Here is a closer look into the Italian company FROG.PRO

SHOT Show 2019 | Beyond Clothing

Besides throwing some rad and memorable parties, this year at SHOT Show 2019, Beyond Clothing has showcased some truly innovative and good-looking garments. Here are some shots of what to expect from the Fall 2019 release.

K3 – Alpha Loki Jackets

These reversible quilted jackets are the Kyros equivalent of the A3 – Lokis of the Axios line. This is truly a piece that brings the technology, materials and colors of the military heritage into the everyday lifestyle world, with a little bit of swag as well.

(Keep in mind that the woodland colored fabric was a non-color correct prototype)

K3 - Kyros Lochi Reversible Jacket Black - M81 Woodland
K3 – Kyros Lochi Reversible Jacket Black – M81 Woodland
K3 - Kyros Lochi Reversible Jacket Black - M81 Woodland
K3 - Kyros Lochi Reversible Jacket Black - M81 Woodland
K3 - Kyros Lochi Reversible Jacket Black - M81 Woodland
K3 - Kyros Lochi Reversible Jacket Green - Arctic Camo Snow
K3 – Kyros Lochi Reversible Jacket Green – Arctic Camo Snow
K3 - Kyros Lochi Reversible Jacket Green - Arctic Camo Snow

K7 – Tempus Jacket

This is an extremely interesting cold weather jacket. It is designed to effectively insulate without compromising mobility. As soon as you wear it you immediately notice a difference compared to other similar products on the market, it doesn’t even feel like you are wearing it.

The attention to detail and the overall execution is a great demonstration of the manufacturing capabilities available in the Kyros line.

Insulation Cold Weather Jacket
Insulation Cold Weather Jacket
Insulation Cold Weather Jacket
Insulation Cold Weather Jacket
Insulation Cold Weather Jacket
Insulation Cold Weather Jacket

K6 – Hardshell Pant with LUTRA Fabric in Arctic Camo

K6 Hardshell
K6 – Waist
K6 -Ankle
K6 Front Pockets

A9AT – Mission Pant

Integrated knee pads
  • Waist adjustments with hook and loop tabs
  • Zip rear pockets oriented outwards for comfort and efficiency
  • Side cargo pockets
  • Knee pads adjustments
  • Calf pockets
  • Ankle adjustments with hook and loop tabs

A9AT – Mission Shirt

SHOT Show 2019 | Oakley SI

New addition in the Crye Multicam, Multicam Alpine and Multicam Black coloways.

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SHOT Show 2019 | Unity Tactical

FAST Micro Mount

The FAST series of optics mount is one of the main new products for 2019 from Unity Tactical. These mount are designed to work with almost any tactical carbine optic on the market today (Leupold, Aimpoint, EoTech, SIG, Holosun, Vortex, Primary Arms…).
Innovative solutions, for very specific problems related to tactical (especially night vision) work, are not something we didn’t expect from Unity Tactical.

These mounts offer a similar solution to the optics world as the FUSION does to the IR/Lasers/Illuminators/Lights market: they provide a smarter and more efficient solution for tactical work.

This is achieved with a centerline of 2.26″; this extra height provides clearance for comms, gas masks and helmet mounted equipment.
It allows the operator to have a more natural cheek weld when using night vision passively, if the enemy has Night Vision capabilities.

In fact the neutral spine position reduces tension and fatigue in the neck and the shoulders, especially with the extra weight of ballistic helmets and NODs.

Unity Tactical FAST Mount Aimpoint (4)

Included within the Micro-footprint mounts are built-in fully-adjustable iron sights. The peep sight is adjustable for windage and it is possible to use a front sight post adjustable in elevation.
Because both elements are contained within the mount the sight radius is very short (1″) but it is certainly effective as a backup with all those platforms on which there isn’t any rail surface available for standard sights (Ideal for SMG and PDW with mission critical devices such as IR lasers / lights).
Short, but better than nothing.

$ 169 Learn More

FAST FTC Aimpoint Mag Mount

Unity Tactical FAST Mount Aimpoint (4)

The Unity Tactical FAST FCT Aimpoint Magnifier Mount brings the optic unit at the correct height of 2.26″ centerline. It is designed for the 30mm magnifier and it will soon be available for the EoTech G33.
The extra height allowed to solve a very common and annoying issue with magnifiers. Instead of flipping the optic unit to the side, creating a snag hazard for close quarters and gear, the FAST FTC Mag Mount flips down, maintaining everything within the weapon’s footprint.
There are no switches, buttons or levers; only a 15 pound force to overcome. A very intuitive and rugged hinge design.

Unity Tactical FAST Mount Aimpoint (4)

$ 198 – Learn More

FAST Riser

Unity Tactical FAST Mount EOTECH Magnifier (1)

In the attempt to solve the same issue for most Red Dot sights on the market, Unity Tactical had to use a different approach for any “block” style sight. This solution has been utilized in the past in similar fashions but Unity Tactical’s integration with the Optic/Magnifier/BUIS/AimingDevices ecosystem has been unique and innovative.

Unity Tactical FAST Mount EOTECH Magnifier (1)

The Riser accomplishes mainly two goals:
1) lift the centerline at 2.26 inches, ideal for previously mentioned uses and for integration with the FAST FTC Mag Mount.
2) Integrated Rear Flip-up sight, to allow for side mounting Back Up Iron Sights directly to the raiser itself, without losing any rail space for dedicated 1913 45° mounts.

Unity Tactical FAST Mount EOTECH Magnifier (1)
Unity Tactical FAST Mount EOTECH Magnifier (1)

The FAST Riser is compatible with EoTech EXPs, Leupold LCO, Vortex UH1 Wilcox BOSS 300 and other sights with similar specs and dimensions.

$ 88 Learn More

FAST Scope Mount

Unfortunately we weren’t able to take a photo on the show floor but here are some details.
The mount has a centerline of 1.93″. It will be available for 30 mm and 34mm tube diameters and with 0 and 20 MOA cant.
The main innovative feature is the modularity of it and how it integrates more weapon’s accessories into very little space (not unexpected from Unity Tactical).
Different modules will be able to bolt on to the side of the mount allowing to add either small Red Dot sight for CQB (Micro, RMR, DPP, ACRO P1…) or BUIS.
The Unity Tactical signature is in the thought process behind these modules: they are designed to have a very ergonomic offset but they are also slightly lifted to be able to clear the BE.Meyers MAWL mounted in the front.
All made in 7075-T6 Aluminum with type 3 hard-coat anodize.

Below is the image of the BUIS module bolted to the RISER for the EoTech EXPs.

Unity Tactical FAST Mount EOTECH Magnifier (1)

HOT Button

This is a remote switch that mounts directly on the M-Lok rail.

This very ergonomically efficient 45 degree switch allows for momentary or constant on activation with a clickable button.
It is compatible with Surefire, Streamlight and laser cables (ATPIAL-c, AN/PEQ-15, DBAL, MAWL…).


Unity Tactical has expanded their offering for the SPARK light for 2019.
SPARK will soon be available in Red, Blue, Green, IR and SWIR.
The light is completely enclosed and it is not reusable, but with 200 hour runtime and an MSRP of 12.99 it is a very effective and affordable solution for Mil/LE, USAR and First Responders.
The light is backed with hook tape and it is sold with an adhesive patch of loop tape.

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Unity Tactical Clutch Belt
Unity Tactical Clutch Belt
Unity Tactical Clutch Belt
Unity Tactical Clutch Belt
Unity Tactical Clutch Belt

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Unity Tactical  WILCOX FUSION

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SHOT Show 2019 | Matbock


The Cobra is the lightest and smallest hoistable evacuation stretcher that is easy to assemble and includes the following features.

  • Total Weight – 8 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity – 600 lbs
  • Decontamination Ready – Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Material, Kevlar Stitching, Kevlar Webbing
  • All straps included and configured for both vertical and horizontal lift

The impressive Ghost fabric from Matbock provides a great balance between strength and lightweight. Made from Ultra High-Density Polyethylene, it will not absorb water, biological or chemical hazards and can handle decontamination in all standard chemicals without degradation in strength or abrasion resistance.

The upper portion of the hard material contours around the head of the patient aiding in immobilizing. Its curved shape reduces the risk of snagging on objects on the ground while dragging.

Two straps placed by the head of the patient allow for single-man or two-men pull.

Color coded straps/handles for efficiently securing the patient without risking strap misalignment that could potentially throw the Sled out of balance when lifted or hoisted.

Heavy duty hardware and Kevlar webbing for maximum security
Heavy duty hardware and straps with Kevlar thread stitching

Learn More on the Matbock Cobra Sled


The ARDS is an aiming device designed for improving accuracy of grenade launchers during Day/Night operations.
Using a ballistic calculator with a pre-installed projectile and ammunition database it is able to calculate and advise the operator on angle, tilt and orientation for maximum effectiveness.

• Made from anodized aluminum
• Integrated picatinny rail mount
• Digital LCD Screen that outputs range of projectile based on angle of weapon
• Designed for the 203, 320, and PGL6 weapon platforms
• More weapons and rounds to be brought on-line and each sight can be updated with new software
• Integrated buttons allow operator to set platform and ammunition for correct ballistic calculation

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The new Travel Bags from Matbock are made of the same material used for professional medical items such as the Sled and other stretchers from Matbock. Although this textile technology was developed specifically for tactical medicine field, there are many features that can improve everyday travel and fitness life:

  • Hydrophobic fabric provides water repellency and odorproofness, ideal for travel and fitness use.
  • Great mechanical strength ensures longevity, especially when containing hard and pointy objects.
  • Thin and lightweight fabrics are more suitable for bags and suitcases organization because they are able to adapt while keeping separation between clean and dirty clothes.
  • Water resistant zippers are just the cherry on the cake

The new line of travel pouches can be purchased from Matbock as a kit for $ 200 or as single items.
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Matbock PVS-31 Skins NVG Skins Multicam Ghost Fabric

Learn More on Matbock PVS-31 Skins in Multicam

SHOT Show 19 | Team Wendy

A protective clip-on mandible will soon be available from Team Wendy. The first iteration will only be available with ballistic protection and will fit Ballistic EXFIL 3.0 helmet.

Team Wendy SHOT Show 2019 Exfil Mandible Carbon Ballistic Visor Multicam

The mandible will clip on in a dedicated slot of the rail and it will not interfere with visors and/or helmet mounted accessories with the exception of rail mounted hearing protection / comms.

With the ballistic visor applied, the mandible add protection from both the frontal sector as well as from the sides. A key feature is in fact the impact/ballistic protection added to the ears.

Team Wendy SHOT Show 2019 Exfil Mandible Carbon Ballistic Visor Multicam (1)
Team Wendy SHOT Show 2019 Exfil Mandible Carbon Ballistic Visor Multicam
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