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SOFIC 2019 | OpsCore AMP Communication Headset

The Ops-Core AMP headset is a very interesting piece of equipment that has really caught the attention of many in the industry. Let’s begin with the elephant in the room: Ops-Core is a well known and established helmet manufacturer (part of Gentex corporation) which means that there is a high expectation of helmet integration. And did Ops-Core deliver? Yes.

Let’s start with external features, before focusing on acoustics and performance.

Current users are interested in a system that is capable of attaching directly on helmet platforms without hindrance or discomfort. Ideally the headset could be mounted to the top (horizontal) portion of the helmet’s rail or to the back (inclined) portion, as pictured below. This provides a wide range of customization and adjustability.

It takes a few seconds to change from headband to rail mounted and viceversa. Also it is very simple to change boom microphone position, as well as the comms (single or dual) downlead.
This allows the user to only have one headset for both operation and range training.

NFMI (Near Field Magnetic Induction)

This system features NFMI earplugs that can be purchased separately. This clever solution allows the user to have a double layer of protection (in ear + over the ear) for enhanced security but it the NFMI technology provides a higher hearing ability. These small earplugs, when placed in position act as a acoustic source for but still maintain the correct dB protection, ideal for indoor use, confined spaces in general or simply to protect the hearing when slightly braking the seal while shouldering a weapon.

These earplugs don’t require cables or batteries, they provide earing protection by closing the earing channel but maintain comms and 3D Hear-through ability through the AMP headset.

3DHT (3D Hear-Through)

Using microphones strategically placed the AMP headset is able to provide improved situational awareness and (compared to other products on the market) it is possibile to understand the direction from which the sounds are coming.

This headset is probably the best (still don’t have any extended experience yet) at creeping into other people’s conversations, when the microphone volume is set to high.

SOFIC 2019 | New Salomon Quest 4D Forces 2

Salomon is presenting a new updated and upgraded version of the Quest 4D.
The new Salomon Forces Quest 4D 2 is TAA compliant and its sole has been upgraded to protect from pierce, shock and electrocution.

The side of the boot and the sole have been updated with the same redesign we have seen in the XA Pro Line last year. This change is intended for enhance protection, durability and comfort during fastroping.

Company Presentation: FROG.PRO

Here is a closer look into the Italian company FROG.PRO

FirstSpear Introduces Base Layers Bottoms in American Merino Wool

FirstSpear first introduced the merino wool line of apparel a few years ago and since then has steadily kept adding pieces, based both on consumer feedback and manufacturing capabilities. After focusing extensively on merino wool tops and gloves FirstSpear has now brought the attention of bottoms, adding 3 pieces to the line.

We have quite a bit of experience with FirstSpear American merino wool (all three levels: ACM 100, ACM mid 400 and the Woobie ACM 600 /Review Coming Soon/) and we can assure that these garments are designed mainly for 2 purposes: cold weather protection and performance.
Since they have just released these 3 pieces we do not have any experience with it, but if the material and manufacturing process are the same you can rest assured that they will perform.
Throughout their offering, due to production optimization and “everything you need nothing you don’t” design mind-set First Spear has managed to keep a very acceptable price, which is important because once you switch to merino you will only want merino.

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Interview with Richard Elder of Beyond Clothing

Richard Elder in known in the industry for being the project officer for the team that developed the PCU, the protective combat uniform. A breakthrough technological improvement that has become the foundation of modern high performance and expeditionary clothing systems.

Now at Beyond Clothing since its acquisition by 5.11. Richard Elder formerly served as the executive director of Smith Optics Elite Division, where he led the development of the ballistic eye-wear program. Prior to Smith Optics, Elder spent 10 years as a US Federal Program Manager, developing equipment in support of the United States Special Operation Command. Prior to, he attained the rank of Sergeant and later, Captain, completing his tour in 2001 within the 75th Ranger Regiment, United States Special Operations Command. Elder also served in the United States Army for seven years as both an enlisted soldier and commissioned officer.

We had the unique opportunity to interview Rick and spend time with his team while visiting the Beyond headquarters in Seattle, WA.

Topics covered:

  • PCU
  • Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Tier 1 Customers Requirements
  • Combat Clothing vs. Expeditionary Clothing
  • Tactical Companies vs Outdoor Companies
  • Supporting SOF
  • A diverse customer base
  • Developing for the next challenge
  • Integration between clothing and gear
  • Next stage for mission clothing
  • System vs. Garments
  • Softshell
  • Kyros
  • Lutra Fabric


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Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame® Alpha Operator Kit | REVIEW

Oakley introduced the Alpha Ecosystem with the knowledge of the extremely dynamic and challenging environments that the modern operators have to face in combat. This multi piece kit is designed to be quickly and easily reconfigured to each mission without any compromise in either performance or protection.
Oakley has been the leader in the eyewear market for ballistic protection, usability and clever designs that could enhance the performance amongst athletes and especially military forces.

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First Line Equipment |FROG.PRO Operator Belt and Pouches

The use of modular tactical load bearing belts has consistently grown in the past decade. The influence of special operations in tactical training and shooting techniques has brought a very versatile tool in the hands of many users. What is typically referred to as “first line” is, in fact, the primary layer on top of which the users equips himself. This terminology has been applied to professions in which there is a multi-level approach to equipment. In almost all cases the first line is the first to be applied before heading out of the door and the last to be taken off. Different professions require a multi line system for different purposes: Law Enforcement usually add a second-line (chest rig/PC) for special purposes while using the first line (belt) as the main source, on the other hand we usually see the opposite with military applications, in which the belt mounted equipment is a backup for the plate carrier. There are exceptions to this in both professions, for example we see often the positioning of the magazine designated for speed/emergency reloads placed on the belt at the 9 o’clock.

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B.E. Meyers at Eurosatory 2018 with BOARS M2 and MAWL-DA


Low-profile versatile systems for mounting optics to M2 .50 via quick disconnect attachment that retains zero.


(Modular Advanced Weapon Laser) Very intuitive and ergonomic laser device mounted on carbines for direct action applications. The user can quickly jump from one setting to the other, even in the dark while using gloves, providing great flexibility to the platform.

Aimpoint ACRO Red Dot Sight

Aimpoint has released the ACRO (Advanced Compact Reflex Optic), displayed today here at Eurosatory 2018 in Paris.