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SHOT 2020 | B&T

With the growing popularity of the P320 platform B&T is manufacturing accessories to accommodate for PDW use of the M17 / M18 models. These grips feature a built-in spring-loaded stock that allow to shoulder the weapon for longer or more precise shots. This solution does not take up too much space and still allows to mount a weapon mounted light in the exact same position. Slide mounted MRDS also work exactly like on any standard RDS ready pistol and reciprocate with each shot fired.
It is possible to holster these weapons making them very capable sidearms.

SHOT Show 2020 B&TSHOT Show 2020 B&T-4

Also interesting is a chassis for Glock pistols. It features a reciprocating charging handle but the RDS remains fixed in the same position, also for faster follow-up shots.

SHOT Show 2020 B&T-5SHOT Show 2020 B&T-6


Brügger & Thomet has displayed the APC 9K, the newly selected Sub Machine Gun for the US Army.

SHOT Show 2020 B&T-7

SOFIC 2019 | OpsCore AMP Communication Headset

The Ops-Core AMP headset is a very interesting piece of equipment that has really caught the attention of many in the industry. Let’s begin with the elephant in the room: Ops-Core is a well known and established helmet manufacturer (part of Gentex corporation) which means that there is a high expectation of helmet integration. And did Ops-Core deliver? Yes.

Let’s start with external features, before focusing on acoustics and performance.

Current users are interested in a system that is capable of attaching directly on helmet platforms without hindrance or discomfort. Ideally the headset could be mounted to the top (horizontal) portion of the helmet’s rail or to the back (inclined) portion, as pictured below. This provides a wide range of customization and adjustability.

It takes a few seconds to change from headband to rail mounted and viceversa. Also it is very simple to change boom microphone position, as well as the comms (single or dual) downlead.
This allows the user to only have one headset for both operation and range training.

NFMI (Near Field Magnetic Induction)

This system features NFMI earplugs that can be purchased separately. This clever solution allows the user to have a double layer of protection (in ear + over the ear) for enhanced security but it the NFMI technology provides a higher hearing ability. These small earplugs, when placed in position act as a acoustic source for but still maintain the correct dB protection, ideal for indoor use, confined spaces in general or simply to protect the hearing when slightly braking the seal while shouldering a weapon.

These earplugs don’t require cables or batteries, they provide earing protection by closing the earing channel but maintain comms and 3D Hear-through ability through the AMP headset.

3DHT (3D Hear-Through)

Using microphones strategically placed the AMP headset is able to provide improved situational awareness and (compared to other products on the market) it is possibile to understand the direction from which the sounds are coming.

This headset is probably the best (still don’t have any extended experience yet) at creeping into other people’s conversations, when the microphone volume is set to high.

SOFIC 2019 | New Salomon Quest 4D Forces 2

Salomon is presenting a new updated and upgraded version of the Quest 4D.
The new Salomon Forces Quest 4D 2 is TAA compliant and its sole has been upgraded to protect from pierce, shock and electrocution.

The side of the boot and the sole have been updated with the same redesign we have seen in the XA Pro Line last year. This change is intended for enhance protection, durability and comfort during fastroping.

SOFIC 2019 | Geissele

SOFIC 2019 started with a very interesting new trigger from Geissele Automatics. This select fire trigger allows the operator to quickly and effectively switch between semi and full auto settings.

With the growing influence of competitive shooting many operators are feeling more and more comfortable with the 45 degree selectors, and with their efficiency in movement. Unfortunately, until now, this has been inconsistent between semi-auto and select fire issued rifles and carbines.

The new selector from Geissele is here to, very cleverly, eliminate that gap.
From the explanation at their booth, this product was designed to eliminate the issue with current selector switches, which require a full 180 degree manipulation to go from safe to full-auto. This operation is very inefficient, especially in instances that require a full-auto burst.

SAFE: 0 degrees
SEMI: 45 degrees
AUTO: 90 degrees (but it is spring loaded, so it requires the shooter to keep pressure on the selector switch)

Of course this selector is ambidextrous and can be fully customized with different lengths and geometries of switches.

It is extremely intuitive.

The true value of this new selector is actually in the training: it doesn’t require much training after all. It also allows the operators to apply even more the skillset developed during competitions or with modern sporting rifles.

A new selector mounted on a carbine with the new URGI

Geissele Automatics: Project Joy

The latest iteration of this platform feature a new hand guard now compatible with the RRS®/ARCA® interface.

New B5 Systems precision rifle stock

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