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With the growing popularity of the P320 platform B&T is manufacturing accessories to accommodate for PDW use of the M17 / M18 models. These grips feature a built-in spring-loaded stock that allow to shoulder the weapon for longer or more precise shots. This solution does not take up too much space and still allows to mount a weapon mounted light in the exact same position. Slide mounted MRDS also work exactly like on any standard RDS ready pistol and reciprocate with each shot fired.
It is possible to holster these weapons making them very capable sidearms.

SHOT Show 2020 B&TSHOT Show 2020 B&T-4

Also interesting is a chassis for Glock pistols. It features a reciprocating charging handle but the RDS remains fixed in the same position, also for faster follow-up shots.

SHOT Show 2020 B&T-5SHOT Show 2020 B&T-6


Br├╝gger & Thomet has displayed the APC 9K, the newly selected Sub Machine Gun for the US Army.

SHOT Show 2020 B&T-7

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