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We first saw the new helmet cover at SOFIC 2019 but now they are officially available for all helmets (Ballistic, Carbon and LTP) for models with both Rail 2.0 and Rail 3.0. Covers are available in Black, Grey, Coyote, Ranger Green, Multicam and Multicam Alpine.

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Also officially available is the All-Terrain Mandible (non ballistic). This accessory can be now mounted to any helmet (Ballistic, Carbon and LTP) that features a Rail 3.0 set-up.
This non-ballistic version is an item in which a lot of teams have been really interested in, especially in Europe. A review of the All-Terrain Mandible will be online in the next few months.

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Attachment of Ops Core AMP Headset to Team Wendy Helmets

After winning the SOCOM contract the AMP Comms headsets have become ubiquitous and many teams have already fielded Team Wendy Ballistic SL helmets. This accessory is designed to seamlessly integrate the two systems.

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This drop-in liner, named CloudLine™ for its unique comfort grade, features the softest Team Wendy patented Zorbium® foam to-date, used in strategically placed hexagon-shaped comfort pads designed to prevent hot spots while maintaining protection. Furthermore, the exceptionally comfortable liner is optimized for the widest range of ground combat helmets on the market. Previous Team Wendy drop-in liners were developed around specs of the standard ACH/ECH helmets, while CloudLine is designed to fit a broader range of helmets, including those used throughout special operations communities.

  • Three impact liner pads (front, crown, rear)
  • Four thick hexagon-shaped Cloud pads
  • Seven soft comfort pads in various shapes and sizes
  • Ten Velcro® brand hook disks

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Study on Traumatic Brain Injury

Team Wendy has been selected as part of an academic research program for developing new strategies for detecting impacts and inertial forces that may result too high and have the risk of causing TBI. This research will be followed by the development of new technology intended to protect the user more from impacts that could potentially lead to TBI.

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