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As always, every year at SHOT, it’s a pleasure to see what Matbock has been working on. The close relationship that this company has with the SOF community is outstanding and really shows in their problem-development-test-solution approach. I have never once heard that a new product was designed “because the market is going in this direction”. Many times they approach the design of a product starting from the task the user is intended to accomplish while wearing/using it.

The Sheath 2.0

The Sheath 2.0 is a belt intended for rigger and helo use but without compromising the tactical feature. In fact it is possibile to attach both pouches and holsters without losing the lanyard retention system. Keep in mind that this is only a prototype. They have incorporated a metal piece that ensures the maximum level of safety. In addition they have incorporated two female Cobra buckles to the belt, this allows the user to quickly attach two leg loops only when needed.

This a belt that will be greatly appreciated by any uses that deals with some sort of vertical variable.

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Graverobber Medical System

Developed in conjunction with CRO Medical, the Graverobber medical system is a customizable mission specific medical kit that allows the medic to swiftly carry and easily manage the medical assets allocated to the team without excessive redundancy that may hinder the operation.

This is basically a modular and scalable system based around a different types of packpacks designed to be used individually or in a system. The Graverobber allows to carry a mountaineering-style ruck near the objective and, once in the proximity of the objective, to detach the assault medic bag for the more kinetic and dynamic part of the mission. All while the surgical ans/or sustainment pack remains with the element that has established an holding point from which further medical assistance can be provided.

Inside the sustainemnt pack the inserts can be detached and used individually to provide medical assistance to multiple casualties in multiple locations.

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-8

Graverobber system as a whole (notice the Matbock Cobra Carbon Poles)

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-9SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-10


SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-11

Graverobber Assault Medic Bag (back)

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-12

Graverobber Assault Medic Bag (front)

Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2020 Matbock (14 of 15)

Surgical and Sustainment pack deployed

Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2020 Matbock (15 of 15)

Loop for deploying the pack


SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-13SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-14

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-15

Contents of the sustainment pack

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-16

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-17

Inner panel of the sustainment pack can be detached and used individually to provide medical assistance to multiple casualties in multiple locations

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-18

Inner panel of the sustainment pack can be detached and used individually to provide medical assistance to multiple casualties in multiple locations

Matbock Multi-Caliber Pouches

Three models available: rifle, pistol and combo.
The rifle pouch provides great flexibility¬† to the user since it allows to carry magazines for almost all full-auto/semi-auto platforms. A single pouch can hold two AR-15 style magazines (M4, HK416, Rattler…) or a single AR-10 style magazine (DMRs or assault rifles in 308, 7.62, 6,5CM or 6,8).

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-19SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-20

The Multicaliber Combo pouch overlaps a pistol pouch on top of a rifle pouch.

Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2020 Matbock (9 of 15)Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2020 Matbock (10 of 15)Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2020 Matbock (11 of 15)

Strap Claw

A product designed for all of those that are annoyed by the pack straps while wearing a plate carrier. This accessory clips on the pals webbing of the upper front portion of the plate carrier and keeps the straps of any assault pack or rucksack away from the pocket of the shoulder. It releaves a lot of the tension that is applied to the shoulder area from the pack and allows the user to shoulder a rifle much more freely and naturally. All without any sternum strap that could get in the way of the equipment worn on the plate carrier.

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-21

New K9 Leash

In many dynamic situations the K9 handler is not able to unbuckle the dog’s harness from the leash and often times the K9 is let go with the leash still attached. This of course can be of great hazard because the leash can be caught on object or even worse, team mates.
Matbock has developed a leash that can allows the K9 handler to deploy the K9 using one hand and without loosing eyecontact with the threat. A lot of effort was put into designing a leash that would not free the K9 accidentally.

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-22SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-23SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-24SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-25

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-26

The loops that the K9 handler uses for holding or freeing the K9. Sorry for the awful picture.

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-27

New Jumpable Assult Pack

This is the prototype of a jumpable pack that allows the operator to quickly access his weapon as soon as his feet touch the ground. By simply pulling a wire the pack deploy the weapon that can be accessed and used right away. It is sized to be able to hold a 416 and a MK46.

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-28SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-30SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-31SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-32SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-33


This device is intended for instantly providing a ballistic solution for grenade lauchers and other similar weapon platforms. The digital LCD screen outputs range of projectile based on the angle of the weapon. Although designed specifically for the 203, 320, and PGL6 weapon platforms, more weapons and rounds will be brought on-line and each sight can be updated with new software.  The integrated buttons allow operator to set platform and ammunition for correct ballistic calculations.

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-35

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