SHOT 2023 | Outdoor Research Pro

Outdoor Research displayed the new Allies clothing line; a TAA compliant layering system that mirrors their Berry Compliant manufacturing capability.

Allies Colossus Parka

The Colossus Parka and pants offer a versatile mix of insulation and wind resistance are available in ranger green, coyote and Multicam. The construction seems to be well executed and there is a high degree of attention to detail. The zippers are high quality and there is some material similar to waffle top in areas next to the skin.

Outdoor Research OR Pro Colossus Allies

The loop field on both shoulders features their new OR Pro logo, which helps in toning down the “tacticalness” of the jacket when not wearing any patches or insignia.

Outdoor Research OR Pro Colossus Allies  The jacket is made with AscentShell™ 3L, 100% nylon 70D plainweave with 100% polyester 30D knit backer. This combo seems to be a good recipe for making it a very wearable jacket both stateside and overseas.


Allies Mountain Jacket

New OR Pro MuzzleBrake 

Many years ago OR launched a hot weather combat ensemble which was featured here on UrbanSurvivorBlog.
Soon, using the same MuzzleBrake nomenclature, they will be launching a new combat set with some interesting features.

Allies Microgravity Jacket

This jacket seems to be a very promising Level 4 hardshell.

MuzzleBrake Field Shirt

Outdoor Research OR Pro Muzzlebrake Field Shirt Outdoor Research OR Pro Muzzlebrake Field Shirt

MuzzleBrake Softshell Jacket

This hybrid jacket features the sleeves and shoulder of a combat top but the core of a classic soft-shell jacket.

SeaTac Pants

SHOT 2023 | Maztech X Magpul

The inaugural products of the commercially available X4 line will provide sensor and information fusion that enhance awareness and support precise weapons employment. Maztech’s X4-Fire Control System (X4-FCS™) will pair your low-powered variable optic with a visual display that shows range, ballistic data, rounds remaining and other important information. The electronic round counter will offer both powered and unpowered transmission of your ammunition status to the X4-FCS™ and other off-rifle displays of your choosing.

Magpul Maztec HUD Head Up Display Rifle Scope Smart Riflescope Range Finder Magpul Maztec HUD Head Up Display Rifle Scope Smart Riflescope Range Finder


SHOT 2023 | SureFire

Sure Fire X300T Turbo

650 Lumen | 66000 Candela | $369

Surefire X300T Turbo 66000 Candela

Sure Fire XSC

SureFire XSC Finally Here

Sure Fire Turbo Scout Light Pro

700 Lumen | 100000 Candela | $ 399

SureFire Turbo Scout Light Pro 100000 Candela

Unity Tactical | An Inside Look

The last time we had covered some of Unity Tactical’s products was at SHOT Show 2020 (full article here: SHOT 2020 | Unity Tactical – Urban Survivor Blog)

NOT SHOT 2021 | New Knives from Benchmade

After the complete and total homerun of the 537GY-1 BAILOUT (review coming!) launched last year at 2020 SHOT Show, Benchmade is releasing some very good looking knives.
The focus this year was quite heavily on tactical folders, starting with four addition within the ADAMAS line (with a mini folder, a folder, an auto folder and a fixed blade), moving to combatives and over to all-around folders.


A new lighter and more compact version of the ADAMAS, a very popular tough knife among professionals.

Benchmade 275FE-2 ADAMAS® – G10 CruWear | Benchmade Knife Company | Benchmade Knife Company


The classic ADAMAS folder is now available in auto.

Benchmade 2750FE-2 AUTO ADAMAS® – G10 CruWear | Benchmade Knife Company | Benchmade Knife Company


This new iteration of the Fixed Blade ADAMAS aims at reducing as much as possibile weight without compromising strength. Comes with an improved sheath.

Benchmade 375BK-1 FIXED ADAMAS® – CruWear Steel MOLLE Compatible| Benchmade Knife Company | Benchmade Knife Company


An update on the staple of the ADAMAS line, the big and tough folder. As with the other models this update focuses at bringing the weight down without compromising strength and toughness.

Benchmade 275FE-2 ADAMAS® – G10 CruWear | Benchmade Knife Company | Benchmade Knife Company


The huge success of Greg Thompsons’s Special Operation Combatives Program among the worldwide SOF Community has brought a lot of interest from armed civilians to a knife/dagger that was originally intended to be mounted on kit. The response from Benchmade is the 177 Mini SOCP, a compact version that can be carried IWB (without causing atrocious pain when sitting). We expect it to be very much appreciated by the huge customer base of the original SOCP. The 177 Mini SOCP has the potential to become the go to personal defense blade for off duty MIL/LE personnel and civilians.

Benchmade 177BK MINI SOCP® – 440C MOLLE Compatible | Benchmade Knife Company | Benchmade Knife Company


The best for last. The name of this knife is Claymore. Do we need to say anything else?? Just look at it; how many do you want?
Benchmade 9070SBK-1 CLAYMORE™ – Grivory CPM-D2 | Benchmade Knife Company | Benchmade Knife Company

Benchmade 945BK-1 Mini Osborne | An EDC Classic

The Benchmade Mini Osborne is an EDC classic, compact but versatile folder with a reverse tanto blade made of S30V steel.

Continuing the 20th anniversary celebration for one of Benchmade’s most iconic designs, the 940 Osborne family expands to include the long-awaited mini variation. The 945BK-1 Mini Osborne upholds the same unique styling of the 940, while scaling down the overall profile. Sporting the classic reverse tanto blade shape in CPM-S30V and a black G10 with a blue baselayer handle. The Mini Osborne is the perfect accomplice to the full-size counterparts.


BLADE LENGTH – 2.92” | 7.42cm
BLADE THICKNESS – 0.104” | 2.642mm
OPEN – 6.76” | 17.17cm
CLOSED – 3.84” | 9.754cm
WEIGHT – 2.19oz | 62.09g
HANDLE THICKNESS – 0.41” | 10.287mm

The Mini Osborne retails for $205.00, find it here: Benchmade 945BK-1 Osborne

Complex Problems Require Elegant Solutions | Tiger Stripe Survival Kit Edition

The History Behind the Beyond Clothing Corday Jacket

One of the goals of Beyond Clothing, other than making awesome expeditionary clothing systems, is to become an enabler for those that “stand for what they believe in”. This mindset, often shared among their customer basis, is not really something new. Selflessness and wanting to be part of something bigger than yourself is a culture that has very old roots. Those that sacrifice for a greater value usually don’t do it for the glory and often times their story isn’t even told in their lifetime. Since many of these stories have common traits to contemporary conflicts and injustices it is important to understand them and to learn from the sacrifice of those that have come before us. This is one of them.


The K5 – Women’s Corday Jacket takes its name from Marie-Anne Charlotte de Corday d’Armont, more commonly known simply as Charlotte Corday. Charlotte’s place in history comes from the French Revolution. She’s most recognized for the act of killing leading pundit Jean-Paul Marat while he was in the bathtub for inciting violence and radicalizing the movement.

Charlotte completely shook up the public perception of what a woman was capable of, and stood by her actions and the beliefs that motivated them. After being sentenced to death, she asked that her likeliness be painted for posterity first, adding, “To save your country means not noticing what it costs.” We can only assume that if she had a pair of sunglasses, they would’ve been slowly slid on at this point.

The Corday Jacket is many things: a technical softshell, a warm winter layer, an active-use tool, and a rather stylish piece if we do say so ourselves. At its core, however, it’s something more. More than an access pass to wild places, more than chic ruff-trimmed streetwear, more than a particular means to an end. It’s a statement: an embodiment of the intention to go absolutely anywhere, and stand for what you believe in.

Thyrm CellVault 18: Coming Soon

The Thyrm CellVault 18 would finally solve the issue of storage of 18650 batteries that are now becoming more popular.