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Details of the new Beyond Clothing products will be provided from Outdoor Retailer Snow Show.

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It’s always special to come back to the Artisan year after year. This picturesque venue seem to be the perfect fit for the creative Beyond parties. For SHOT 2020, presented by Beyond Clothing and Blackfish, the night featured a live performance by Naughty by Nature and a Dueling DJ-set with Asian Star (Tokyo) and D Triple J (USA).

As always a key role of the night was the effort to raise funds and awareness for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and the Endangered Species Protection Agency. Through a collaboration with the ESPA the invited guests were able to encounter an endangered animal, a male tiger.

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SHOT 2020 | Oakley SI

This year we had a chance to see some of the new Oakley SI products before SHOT at the First Spear Range Day Here are all the products release for SHOT 2020.


This year Oakley SI has introduced the HNBL model, designed to provide ballistic protection without compromising comfort. One of the main features is the lens change mechanism that allows to quickly change from among clear and Prizm ballistic lenes. It is also possible to introduce an RX lens without the use of an inner frame to hold it. This really simplifies the use of those that want ballistic protection in addition to a prescription lens. Size and feel wise this model resembles the Shocktubes, a very popular item from Oakley SI but its “Achille’s heel” was the need for a tool to change the lenses.

SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SISHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-2First Spear Range Day-16

Oakley SI Ballistic Line Miner

The Line Miner is the latest addition to the Snow Goggle line of Oakley SI. Featuring the Prizm Rose and Prizm Black lens technology; the frame of the  goggle provides very wide field of view while the Prizm Rose and Prizm Black lenses give great contrast and depth perception in snowy environments. The lenses are dual vented with anti-fog coating and they meet the MIL-PRF 32432 impact standards.

SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-8SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-10SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-11SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-12

New Oakley SI Elite Assault Boot

This is most likely the first piece of the redesign of the Oakley SI boot line.
The new Elite Assault boot features a enclosed lace system for tighter fit and reduced snag hazard. the boot appears to be lightweight and it aims at providing running-shoes like comfort and mobility without compromising ankle and weight support.

SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-7SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-5SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-6

SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-3

Lifestyle Limited Edition

Oakley is launching a limited edition commemorative model for the 75th anniversary of Iwo Jima.

SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI Iwo Jima

SHOT 2020 | B&T

With the growing popularity of the P320 platform B&T is manufacturing accessories to accommodate for PDW use of the M17 / M18 models. These grips feature a built-in spring-loaded stock that allow to shoulder the weapon for longer or more precise shots. This solution does not take up too much space and still allows to mount a weapon mounted light in the exact same position. Slide mounted MRDS also work exactly like on any standard RDS ready pistol and reciprocate with each shot fired.
It is possible to holster these weapons making them very capable sidearms.

SHOT Show 2020 B&TSHOT Show 2020 B&T-4

Also interesting is a chassis for Glock pistols. It features a reciprocating charging handle but the RDS remains fixed in the same position, also for faster follow-up shots.

SHOT Show 2020 B&T-5SHOT Show 2020 B&T-6


Brügger & Thomet has displayed the APC 9K, the newly selected Sub Machine Gun for the US Army.

SHOT Show 2020 B&T-7

SHOT 2020 | Team Wendy

We first saw the new helmet cover at SOFIC 2019 but now they are officially available for all helmets (Ballistic, Carbon and LTP) for models with both Rail 2.0 and Rail 3.0. Covers are available in Black, Grey, Coyote, Ranger Green, Multicam and Multicam Alpine.

SHOT Show 2020 Team Wendy (9 of 10)SHOT Show 2020 Team Wendy (1 of 10)SHOT Show 2020 Team Wendy (8 of 10)SHOT Show 2020 Team Wendy (2 of 10)SHOT Show 2020 Team Wendy (10 of 10)

Also officially available is the All-Terrain Mandible (non ballistic). This accessory can be now mounted to any helmet (Ballistic, Carbon and LTP) that features a Rail 3.0 set-up.
This non-ballistic version is an item in which a lot of teams have been really interested in, especially in Europe. A review of the All-Terrain Mandible will be online in the next few months.

SHOT Show 2020 Team Wendy (5 of 10)

Attachment of Ops Core AMP Headset to Team Wendy Helmets

After winning the SOCOM contract the AMP Comms headsets have become ubiquitous and many teams have already fielded Team Wendy Ballistic SL helmets. This accessory is designed to seamlessly integrate the two systems.

SHOT Show 2020 Team Wendy (6 of 10)



This drop-in liner, named CloudLine™ for its unique comfort grade, features the softest Team Wendy patented Zorbium® foam to-date, used in strategically placed hexagon-shaped comfort pads designed to prevent hot spots while maintaining protection. Furthermore, the exceptionally comfortable liner is optimized for the widest range of ground combat helmets on the market. Previous Team Wendy drop-in liners were developed around specs of the standard ACH/ECH helmets, while CloudLine is designed to fit a broader range of helmets, including those used throughout special operations communities.

  • Three impact liner pads (front, crown, rear)
  • Four thick hexagon-shaped Cloud pads
  • Seven soft comfort pads in various shapes and sizes
  • Ten Velcro® brand hook disks

SHOT Show 2020 Team Wendy (7 of 10)

Study on Traumatic Brain Injury

Team Wendy has been selected as part of an academic research program for developing new strategies for detecting impacts and inertial forces that may result too high and have the risk of causing TBI. This research will be followed by the development of new technology intended to protect the user more from impacts that could potentially lead to TBI.

SHOT Show 2020 Team Wendy (4 of 10)SHOT Show 2020 Team Wendy (3 of 10)

SHOT 2020 | Matbock

As always, every year at SHOT, it’s a pleasure to see what Matbock has been working on. The close relationship that this company has with the SOF community is outstanding and really shows in their problem-development-test-solution approach. I have never once heard that a new product was designed “because the market is going in this direction”. Many times they approach the design of a product starting from the task the user is intended to accomplish while wearing/using it.

The Sheath 2.0

The Sheath 2.0 is a belt intended for rigger and helo use but without compromising the tactical feature. In fact it is possibile to attach both pouches and holsters without losing the lanyard retention system. Keep in mind that this is only a prototype. They have incorporated a metal piece that ensures the maximum level of safety. In addition they have incorporated two female Cobra buckles to the belt, this allows the user to quickly attach two leg loops only when needed.

This a belt that will be greatly appreciated by any uses that deals with some sort of vertical variable.

SHOT Show 2020 MatbockSHOT Show 2020 Matbock-2SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-3SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-4SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-5SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-6SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-7

Graverobber Medical System

Developed in conjunction with CRO Medical, the Graverobber medical system is a customizable mission specific medical kit that allows the medic to swiftly carry and easily manage the medical assets allocated to the team without excessive redundancy that may hinder the operation.

This is basically a modular and scalable system based around a different types of packpacks designed to be used individually or in a system. The Graverobber allows to carry a mountaineering-style ruck near the objective and, once in the proximity of the objective, to detach the assault medic bag for the more kinetic and dynamic part of the mission. All while the surgical ans/or sustainment pack remains with the element that has established an holding point from which further medical assistance can be provided.

Inside the sustainemnt pack the inserts can be detached and used individually to provide medical assistance to multiple casualties in multiple locations.

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-8

Graverobber system as a whole (notice the Matbock Cobra Carbon Poles)

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-9SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-10


SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-11

Graverobber Assault Medic Bag (back)

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-12

Graverobber Assault Medic Bag (front)

Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2020 Matbock (14 of 15)

Surgical and Sustainment pack deployed

Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2020 Matbock (15 of 15)

Loop for deploying the pack


SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-13SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-14

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-15

Contents of the sustainment pack

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-16

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-17

Inner panel of the sustainment pack can be detached and used individually to provide medical assistance to multiple casualties in multiple locations

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-18

Inner panel of the sustainment pack can be detached and used individually to provide medical assistance to multiple casualties in multiple locations

Matbock Multi-Caliber Pouches

Three models available: rifle, pistol and combo.
The rifle pouch provides great flexibility  to the user since it allows to carry magazines for almost all full-auto/semi-auto platforms. A single pouch can hold two AR-15 style magazines (M4, HK416, Rattler…) or a single AR-10 style magazine (DMRs or assault rifles in 308, 7.62, 6,5CM or 6,8).

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-19SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-20

The Multicaliber Combo pouch overlaps a pistol pouch on top of a rifle pouch.

Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2020 Matbock (9 of 15)Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2020 Matbock (10 of 15)Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2020 Matbock (11 of 15)

Strap Claw

A product designed for all of those that are annoyed by the pack straps while wearing a plate carrier. This accessory clips on the pals webbing of the upper front portion of the plate carrier and keeps the straps of any assault pack or rucksack away from the pocket of the shoulder. It releaves a lot of the tension that is applied to the shoulder area from the pack and allows the user to shoulder a rifle much more freely and naturally. All without any sternum strap that could get in the way of the equipment worn on the plate carrier.

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-21

New K9 Leash

In many dynamic situations the K9 handler is not able to unbuckle the dog’s harness from the leash and often times the K9 is let go with the leash still attached. This of course can be of great hazard because the leash can be caught on object or even worse, team mates.
Matbock has developed a leash that can allows the K9 handler to deploy the K9 using one hand and without loosing eyecontact with the threat. A lot of effort was put into designing a leash that would not free the K9 accidentally.

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-22SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-23SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-24SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-25

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-26

The loops that the K9 handler uses for holding or freeing the K9. Sorry for the awful picture.

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-27

New Jumpable Assult Pack

This is the prototype of a jumpable pack that allows the operator to quickly access his weapon as soon as his feet touch the ground. By simply pulling a wire the pack deploy the weapon that can be accessed and used right away. It is sized to be able to hold a 416 and a MK46.

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-28SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-30SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-31SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-32SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-33


This device is intended for instantly providing a ballistic solution for grenade lauchers and other similar weapon platforms. The digital LCD screen outputs range of projectile based on the angle of the weapon. Although designed specifically for the 203, 320, and PGL6 weapon platforms, more weapons and rounds will be brought on-line and each sight can be updated with new software.  The integrated buttons allow operator to set platform and ammunition for correct ballistic calculations.

SHOT Show 2020 Matbock-35

SHOT 2020 | 5.11

RUSH 100 Backpack

In the pack category, 5.11 will add to the all-time best-selling RUSH TM series with the new RUSH100™. The RUSH100 will be the largest pack at 60L in the RUSH series, which is known for its unmatched storage capabilities, durability and MOLLE web platform. The RUSH100 features a compressible front access compartment, removable side pouches, a removable load-bearing belt and a custom flat aluminum bar frame with stability fiberglass rods, together with the RUSH line’s signature CenterLine TM design. The 270-degree clamshell opening means better access to gear at the bottom (MSRP: $264.99).

SHOT Show 2020 511-33SHOT Show 2020 511-18SHOT Show 2020 511-19SHOT Show 2020 511-20SHOT Show 2020 511-21SHOT Show 2020 511-22SHOT Show 2020 511-23SHOT Show 2020 511-24SHOT Show 2020 511-25SHOT Show 2020 511-26

New ATLAS Footwear Models

One of 5.11’s biggest launches at SHOT will be the A.T.L.A.S. Footwear collection for Spring 2020. Several years in the making, the A.T.L.A.S. (All Terrain Load Assistance System) footwear series enhances agility and stability while at the same time adding cushion support. The A.T.L.A.S. Boots—available in 8 inch and Mid heights—featuring our new Echo TM (high rebound) and Force TM (high impact) foam midsole with the A.T.L.A.S plate for torsion and stability control while carrying an additional weight. 5.11 utilized a key engineering partner to help create these new foam formulas. In addition,
featuring a new Ortholite® footbed, slip/oil resistant outsoles, highly breathable uppers for maximum comfort.

SHOT Show 2020 511-8SHOT Show 2020 511SHOT Show 2020 511-2

5.11 A.T.L.A.S. MID BOOT

SHOT Show 2020 511-4

This new mid-height boot from 5.11 was designed to provide a similar level of comfort, light weight and mobility of many models from the outdoor industry (for 3D molded TPR toe and heel protection, a welded/mesh upper, and high performance, high traction outsole, the All Terrain Load Assistance System will mitigate the rigors of a heavy load bearing job (and in no small way, either). The mids were developed to work with your “work weight”. Work longer, with less stress even when you’re loaded down.

  • Echo Foam™ high rebound/energy return PU and Force Foam(TM) lightweight PU impact cushioning Ortholite® footbed
  • A.T.L.A.S. All Terrain Load Assistance System
  • ASTM slip and oil resistant high traction outsole
  • 3D molded TPR toe and heel protection
  • Welded mesh upper
  • 5.11 A.T.L.A.S Support Plate
  • Echo Foam™ high rebound/energy return PU and Force Foam(TM) lightweight PU impact cushioning Ortholite® footbed

5.11 A.T.L.A.S. Trainer

SHOT Show 2020 511-5

Get your physical training off on the right foot. All the features of the All Terrain Load Assistance System are available in a shoe designed to help you undergo every kind of workout punishment you can stand. And some you can’t.

  • High abrasion mesh with welded support for structure
  • TPU toe for durability
  • A.T.L.A.S. Echo Lite high rebound EVA/outsole
  • Compatible with A.T.L.A.S support plate
  • 5.11 A.T.L.A.S. – All Terrain Load Assistance System

5.11 A.T.L.A.S. 8″ Boot

The 8 in. 5.11 A.T.L.A.S. is a performance boot built from the sole up to increase performance. The All Terrain Load Assistance System is a force multiplier for those who carry heavy weight on long shifts. These boots were developed to work with your “work weight”. This boot is constructed of nylon with high abrasion air mesh, a water resistant suede upper. Additional features locking ankle eyelet, and a high traction outsole so you can take those corners in a foot pursuit or run headlong into whatever challenge you’re up against.

  • Water resistant suede leather upper with high abrasion air mesh nylon
  • Locking ankle eyelet for secure lacing and fit
  • Slip and oil resistant high traction outsole
  • 5.11 A.T.L.A.S Support Plate
  • Echo Foam (TM) high rebound/energy return PU and Force Foam(TM) lightweight PU impact cushioning
  • Ortholite® footbed
  • 5.11 A.T.L.A.S. All Terrain Load Assistance System

SHOT Show 2020 511-6SHOT Show 2020 511-7

5.11 A.T.L.A.S. 8″ Side Zip Boot

The 5.11 A.T.L.A.S. 8” Side Zip is a performance boot built from the sole up to increase performance. The All Terrain Load Assistance System is a force multiplier for those who carry heavy weight on long shifts. The boots were developed to work with your “work weight”. This boot is constructed of nylon with high abrasion air mesh, a water resistant leather upper, and because so many professional jobs demand it – a polishable toe.

  • Polishable toe
  • Water resistant leather upper with high abrasion air mesh nylon
  • Full-length YKK® side zipper
  • Locking ankle eyelet for secure lacing and fit
  • slip and oil resistant high traction outsole
  • 5.11 A.T.L.A.S Support Plate
  • Echo Foam (TM) high rebound/energy return PU and Force Foam(TM) lightweight PU impact cushioning Ortholite® footbed
  • 5.11 A.T.L.A.S. All Terrain Load Assistance System

SHOT Show 2020 511-9

Echo TM (high rebound) and Force TM (high impact) foam midsole

SHOT Show 2020 511-3

Vehicle Ready

A new line of vehicle preparedness products for 2020 offer users customized gear storage solutions for their vehicle. The Vehicle Ready Hexgrid ® Seat and Headrest Platform are built to organize accessories and attachments on 5.11’s patented Hexgrid multi-angle load bearing panels. A quick release system allows users to easily transfer the panels from one seat to another, as well as arrange facing forward or back. The Seat and Headrest platforms accept 5.11 Gear Sets and include a removable mesh accessory bag (MSRP: VR Hexgrid Seat $47.99, VR Hexgrid Headrest $16.99).

SHOT Show 2020 511-13SHOT Show 2020 511-10SHOT Show 2020 511-11

Load Ready Utility Bags

The new Load Ready Utility Bags offer a durable utilitarian tactical storage solution to plastic bins commonly used for vehicle gear storage. Available in three sizes – medium, medium tall and large – the bags are built for the toughest wear and tear. Each bag is protected on the bottom by an abrasion resistant, waterproof, dual layered panel and constructed with 1050D Nylon, heavy-duty thread, reinforced bartacks and dual layered webbing. A roll-up, heavy-duty mesh lid zips shut or rolls open with a toggle/loop system. Side grab handles or carry handles offer different carry options, and an internal mesh pocket keeps smaller items accessible. The new Load Ready Haul Pack features the same heavy-duty construction but converts from a tote bag to a backpack for transitions from car to trail. (MSRP: Pack $109.99, Utility Large $74.99, Medium Tall $64.99, Medium $59.99)

SHOT Show 2020 511-17SHOT Show 2020 511-14SHOT Show 2020 511-15SHOT Show 2020 511-16

Helmet/Shove-it Gear Set

We have seen this accessory last year but it is now shipping.

SHOT Show 2020 511-27SHOT Show 2020 511-28

Utility 9X9 Gear Set

The Utility 9×9 Gear Set™ expands the list of options with 249 cu. in. of organized cargo space to separate and access gear. Two primary compartments and a front zippered pocket provide rugged compartmentalization, with a forward tilting tray front compartment wall to allow easy access. The reinforced front wall features a removable PE board and opens up to 90°. The main compartment contains a file system with elastic bands, slip pockets and a divider for organizational needs. The rear compartment is equipped with elastic bands for magazines or other accessory retention, and has a zippered closure. Stow and secure a tourniquet, multi-tool, flashlight and spare batteries, a cell phone charger, or use it as a map board for land nav or mission notes. The Utility 9×9 Gear Set™ is compatible with the entire ALL MISSIONS line.

SHOT Show 2020 511-29SHOT Show 2020 511-30SHOT Show 2020 511-31

New Shirts and Pants

SHOT Show 2020 511-32SHOT Show 2020 511-35SHOT Show 2020 511-36SHOT Show 2020 511-37SHOT Show 2020 511-38SHOT Show 2020 511-39

Norris Show in Black Multicam

After its wild success in 2019, 5.11 is continuing its Norris Sneaker line with its new colorway, Black Multicam. The casual high-top sneaker is stacked even higher with style, comfort, and tactical intelligence. The Vibram® outsole with XS Trek provides the optimal balance of traction and durability, particularly on wet surfaces, and Ortholite® technology cushions your feet in total support and comfort. The Norris is ASTM certified for puncture resistance and built with a super-strong Welmax board that guards your feet against up to 1,200 newtons of force. From the outside in, this shoe is more than show.

SHOT Show 2020 511-34

SHOT 2020 | Coyote Tactical Solutions


This pouch allows to carry additional gear while extending the ballistic coverage through a ballistic plate insert. The pouch opens frontwards and is secured by retention cord, for not losing the content of the pouch.

The applications of this pouch can go from holding breaching equipment to extra ammo but it’s main intended application is medical.

SHOT Show 2020 Coyote Tactical Solutions (3 of 34)

Read More…

SHOT 2020 | Unity Tactical

Every year we enjoy looking at the new products from Unity Tactical. Their approach is no BS and they truly cleverly solve really pragmatic problems. With a very close relationship with high level SOF teams, every year they launch products that provide solutions or reduce inefficiencies enhancing operators’ capabilities incrementally every year. We like this type of innovation.

ATOM 2.0

This is the second iteration of the very popular ATOM slide. If you are not familiar with the predecessor the ATOM slide is a modular optics solution for handguns, this came to the market long before most currently available solutions, and its quite possibly still the best design out there.

Since the first gen was launched in 2012 things have changed in the striker-fired pistol market. Glock still holds a very strong position but, with the acquisition of the M17 and M18, the Sig P320 is becoming more and more popular.

This lead Unity Tactical to design an updated version of the ATOM slide with a universal interface that could work on multiple platforms (including CZ P10C and Smith&Wesson M&P).

Just like ATOM 1.0, Unity Tactical will manufacture Glock 19, Glock 17 and Sig P320 slides

SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-14SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-5SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-6SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-4SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-15SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-16SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-17SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-18SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-19

Below are the photos of the demo model they were showing at SHOT.
The plates (made specifically for each optic) index from the side and rotate in position, then a tapered setscrew will lock the plate in position (avoiding rotation).

The two non-concentric cuts in the front and in the rear will provide locking to any upward, forward and backward force and movement.

SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-20SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-21SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-22SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-23

What is unique (and unexpected) is that Unity Tactical made this an open license for both OEM and custom shops and you can become a licensed ATOM partner. This, hopefully will become the M-LOK of handguns.

HOT Button

The Unity Tactical HOT Button is a low-profile ergonomically efficient remote switch for lights and lasers. It’s available in M-LOK and 1913 Piccatinny and is able to interface with Surefire, Streamlight and any Crane-Spec Laser (with a redesigned plug that fits better among all different manufacturers).
This type of switch allows a more accurate control over traditional tape switches bridging the gap between tail caps (secure for NDs but not always grip-efficient) and tape switches (more efficient but not as secure for white light NDs).   Also, the angle at which the HOT button is positioned allows a clean activation and to deliberately activate momentary or constant on.

SHOT Show 2020 Unity TacticalSHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-3

Growing popularity of handguards with M-LOK slots not only placed at the 3-6-9 o’clock positions but also at the 45 deg in between, two HOT buttons can be placed close to each other (due to the low profile design) and allow to control IR illuminator + Pointer with one HOT Button and visible light with the other.

SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-2

The HOT Button is also a very interesting solution for activating lights on PDW and very short rifles. Below is a photo of a Rattler with a 2-cell light; it would be impossible to active the light via tail-cap and a regular tape-switch would take up too much space.

SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-8SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-7


TAPS (Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch) from Unity Tactical and TNVC is a remote control for aiming devices and lights compatible with NATO/CRANE-spec laser ports, Surefire, Streamlights and Steiner lights.

The TAPS Sync allows to activate (for example) an IR illuminator and IR Laser with one button and the white light with the other button. Allowing to switch from IR to visible seamlessly.
If used with a digital aiming device such as the Wilcox RAID-X or the L3 NGAL, the TAPS Sync is able to override the settings on the aiming unit. For example in the photo below the RAID-X is set to IR (not 100% sure but could be IR illuminator + IR laser). If one button of the TAPS Sync is pressed the RAID-X fires in IR, if the other button is pressed the RAID-X fires the green visible laser and the white light mounted at the 3 o’clock position, even if the RAID-X is set to IR!

SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-10SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-11

FAST Mounts

Last year Unity Tactical released the FAST mounts for Red Dots and the FTC mount Aimpoint Magnifier, which were extremely popular. This year Unity adds the FTC mount for the EoTech G33 magnifier. It work with the same force to overcome principle as the Flip to Center mount for the Aimpoint magnifier.

SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-9

Unity Tactical also modified an Aimpoint FTC mount to accommodate for a thermal imaging unit to place in front of the main optic for detection.

SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-12SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-13


This mount is designed to rise LPVO higher, providing a fast and repeatable reticle acquisition, especially when wearing night vision, gas masks, helmets and other tactical gear.  The mount is available for 30 mm and 34 mm optics and it rises the optic’s center line to 2.06″ above the rail.

SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-24

The FAST LPVO mount is compatible with an optional offset MRDS mount that places the secondary optic to a peculiar position.
The MRDS is not placed at a 45 deg angle but at a 35 deg, this allows a faster transition between primary and secondary optic. The MRDS mount is also placed higher than “usual” for clearing the any laser devices or lights that might be placed on right side of the handguard.

SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-25

The BE MEyers MAWL is the laser device with the biggest footprint and usually it interferes with RDS on standard 45 deg mounts. The Unity Tactical MRDS mount for the FAST LPVO clears it.

SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-26

Remora™ Mount for 3M Peltor™

Remora™ for 3M Peltor™ Rail Adapters provides an accessory mounting platform directly overhead of the rail mount hub. It makes the most use of the very limited rail-estate on a helmet with rail-mounted comms that utilize the OEM rail mount assembly.

SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-27SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-28SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-29

Universal Helmet Adaptor for Ops-Core AMP

Because of the success of the Ops Core AMP COMMS headset within SOCOM, Unity Tactical is now manufacturing accessory plates that allow to mount this headset to multiple helmets. As you can see from the images below accessory plates are available for Mtek, Hard Head Veteran and Team Wendy helmets.

SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-30SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-31

Beacuse Operator NVG Recording Device

SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-32SHOT Show 2020 Unity Tactical-33

SHOT 2020 | Tenicor

During SHOT Show 2020 we have met with the great guys at Tenicor and they showed us their products. They have, in our opinion, approached the concealed holster problem differently and the result of this method is very efficient solutions.


This holster is compatible with a variety of compact weapon lights (the Streamlight TLR7, Surefire XC1-B, XC2, and the Inforce APLc). Retention is not dependent on the light, so the holster works without a light as well.
The holster is very comfortable since it features a body contour that allows the handgun to be well concealed without digging in your body excessively.

Built from proprietary CAD designs and precision CNC machined tooling for a positive, Trucise™ fit. Dual tension screws provide for subtle adjustments.

SHOT Show 2020 Tenicor (1 of 10)SHOT Show 2020 Tenicor (2 of 10)SHOT Show 2020 Tenicor (3 of 10)

The Tenicor T1 belt clip by Discreet Carry Concepts leverages strength and durability with unique Tenicor designed vertical adjustment slots.

SHOT Show 2020 Tenicor (4 of 10)SHOT Show 2020 Tenicor (5 of 10)

ARX OWB Holster

SHOT Show 2020 Tenicor (6 of 10)


With the MALUS SOL, excess is removed and the only thing left is holster where you need it. The minimal design is extremely low profile to keep the gun hidden.

The MALUS SOL is designed to work with the Surefire X300 series of weapon mounted lights.

Due to the fact that most of the excessive material was removed, this is one of the very few holster that allow to comfortably appendix-carry a full size handgun with a full size light.

SHOT Show 2020 Tenicor (7 of 10)SHOT Show 2020 Tenicor (8 of 10)SHOT Show 2020 Tenicor (9 of 10)SHOT Show 2020 Tenicor (10 of 10)