SHOT Show 2019 | Kryptek

Kryptek has expanded the line of camuflage patterns for more specific environment. Their customers are still Military and Law Enforcement but they are quickly gaining popularity among “performance” hunters.

Kryptek SHOT Show 2019
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SHOT Show 2019 | Gerber: New Products


The Gerber Fastball is an EDC pocket-freindly folding knife, made in America in the Portland, OR facility.
Material-wise the blade is made of S30V steel  and the handle is made of anodized aluminum.

The design of the Fastball is very aesthetically pleasing with a slick and minimalist look. The colors are very pleasing too, the stone wash finish is appropriate to the targeted user along with its other main features: stylish, minimalist, practical, efficient, USA made.

With the implementation of the B.O.S.S. Technology with two ball bearings, Gerber has rendered the Fastball a pleasure to open and operate.
the detent ball, has a very positive feedback. The best way to describe it, especially if you have attended SHOT 2019, is to compare it to the Geissele Posi-Lock safety mechanism. This means that the blade doesn’t remain halfway open and always end its travel ,engaging the locking mechanism, making this knife extremely safe for one hand use.
We hope to see this technology slowly being applied to other existing models of the Gerber line.

The size and the shape are great for both every day carry and use.

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SHOT Show 2019 | Princeton Tec

VIZZ Tactical MPLS

420 Lumens Maxbright Dimmable LED
1 Red Ultrabright LED
1 Blue Ultrabright LED
1 Green Ultrabright LED
1 IR Ultrabright LED

Order programmable color modes, durable body construction and an IPX7 waterproof rating make this a very complete and versatile helmet mounted light.

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SHOT Show 2019 | Steyr L9 A2 Modular Frame

The Steyr A2 MF is the newest addition to the line of pistols of the Austrian manufacturer. “MF” stands for Modular Frame which, since the serialized component is the internal mechanism, can be changed by the end user. Internal mechanisms and components are fully interchangeable with the older models (C9, L9, M9).

An aggressive texture has been applied to the handle to maximize the traction of the grip. The A2 MF incorporates a flared magwell, which offers a wider opening to reduce reloading time. Keeping in tradition of the previous A1 series, the A2 MF series maintains the high grip angle and low bore axis that offers uncompromising comfort and recoil mitigation. Forward Slide Serrations have been added for positive grip when manipulating the slide.

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SHOT Show 2019 | Magpul

Magpul Rigger 

Limited Edition Frame Lock

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SHOT Show 2019 | Nitize

During SHOT Show 2019 Nitize showcased the new RunOff line of waterproof travel pouches. Offered in various sizes these organizational solutions feature both innovative fabric materials as well as proprietary waterproof zippers.

The TRU Zip will be available also to manufacturer and will be sold as a component. This new technology, according to Nitize, will offer IP67 waterproofness. Although slightly stiff, the operation of these zippers is much smoother that expected and could easily used for everyday tasks without excessive hindrance.

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SHOT Show 2019 | Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research is now producing insulation layers in Multicam Alpine.

SHOT Show 2019 | Sig Sauer

SIG P320 X-Series Compact

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SHOT Show 2019 | S S Precision

Updated V-Lite

S&S Precision has updated its well known V-Lites adding a small LED status indicator. This will prevent the operator from inadvertently keeping the light on when not in use. This evidently mostly applies to IR V-lites, but the update was expanded to the whole line.

During SHOT 2019, S&S also exhibited new additions to the navboard series, which is now expanded to accomodate different jumping and ground operations needs.

SHOT Show 2019 | Kestrel

Kestrel HUD (Heads Up Display)

This new product is weapon mounted directly on to the 1913 rail of the rifle and offers a very efficient view and interface for the shooter. The HUD communicates via Bluetooth with the Kestrel ballistic calculator and directly imports the data (which also imports its data via Bluetooth from the range finder).
It offers different screen modes: single target, up to 10 targets, full dope card and others. HUD + 1913 mount is 399 USD (The version with the remote is 499 USD).

Kestrel 2700

A basic weather meter with a basic ballistic calculator.
Single gun and single target operation but ready to go for simple precision shooting calculations.
Ideal for hunters, due to its price point and dimensions. (179 USD)