SHOT 2020 | Kinetic Development Group

M-Lok Handguards for HK417 and HK416

After the success of the MREX and the MREX MKII for the FN SCAR KDG is now producing accessories for the HK416 (MR556) and the HK417 (MR762).

HK 762 M-Lok Rail System 14″

The KDG HK 762 M-Lok rail is 14” overall in length. It features a continuous monolithic picatinny rail at the 12 o’clock position, and M-Lok mounting slots at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions. The system also uniquely offers a forward mounting M-Lok slot at each of the 2, 4, 8, and 10 o’clock positions for offset accessories like lights and lasers. The HK 762 M-Lok rail also includes two quick-detach sling attachment points on either side of the rail system for use with modern two-point adjustable slings. The KDG HK 762 rail will be available in black and brown type 3 hard coat anodizing.

The system is optimized for all standard M-Lok mounted accessories, or could be used in combination with the KDG Kinect M-Lok quick attach/detach accessory mounts. The KDG HK 762 M-Lok rail is compatible with Heckler and Koch 762 variants including: 417, MR 762, G28, and CSASS.

Available in Black and Brown, MSRP $499.

SHOT Show 2020 Kinetic Development Group-6SHOT Show 2020 Kinetic Development GroupSHOT Show 2020 Kinetic Development Group-4

HK 556 M-Lok Rail System 10″ and 13.75″

The KDG HK 556s M-Lok rails come in two lengths: 10” and 13.75”. They feature a continuous monolithic picatinny rail at the 12 o’clock position, and M-Lok mounting slots at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions.   The systems also uniquely offers a forward mounting M-Lok slot at each of the 2, 4, 8, and 10 o’clock positions for offset accessories like lights and lasers.  They also include two quick-detach sling attachment points on either side of the rail system for use with modern two-point adjustable slings. The KDG HK 556 rails will be available in black and brown type 3 hard coat anodizing.

The systems are optimized for all standard M-Lok mounted accessories, or could be used in combination with the KDG Kinect M-Lok quick attach/detach accessory mounts.   The KDG HK 556 M-Lok rail is compatible with Heckler and Koch 416 variants including: 416, MR 556, and M27.

Available in Black and Brown, MSRP $379 (10″) and $399 (13.75″).

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Optics Hub

The KDG Optics Hub is a very effective solution for seamless Day/Night detection, identification and distance estimation.

SHOT Show 2020 Kinetic Development Group-8


SHOT Show 2020 Kinetic Development Group-5

SHOT 2020 | QORE Performance

Thermal optimization has to be considered a key priority for effective leadership. The negative effects that extreme cold and hot can have on performance and motivation are quite clear to everyone, and they have been for a long time. Qore Performance, with the creation of a whole ecosystem of products successfully tackled this issue, and in multiple fields.
Evaporative cooling requires very specific condition in order to effectively lower the body temperature and to bring the body back down to a state in which it can actually perform. To achieve the maximum cooling effect Qore applies conductive cooling instead. This means that in contact with the body is a mass of cold/hot (ice/water) capable of exchanging heat/cold in order to keep the body in a performing state for the longest period possible.
This is not an addition to the kit that is already carried. During this cooling exchange process the content of the ICE Plates becomes drinkable water, therefore replacing the hydration bladders currently carried. A solid block that sits closer to the body is also a much more efficient way of carrying a water reservoir. Bladders are inefficient and could be susceptible to rupture if not carried properly.
Now, Qore Performance also produces a plate carrier that was designed to perfectly integrate these features with ballistic protection and lightweight.

ICE: IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton

The ICE shown below features: ICE Vents, ICE Shield Plus, ICE Plate Curve and ICE Plate MOLLE Sleeve.

SHOT Show 2020 Qore Performance (1 of 8)

Beneath the plate carrier, attached via Velcro, is a hand-warmer also designed by Qore Performance. This sleeve allows the user to keep the hand warm and therefore keeping a high level of dexterity even in cold climates without the hindrance of having them in a pocket (and without being scolded, it’s a sleeve not a pocket… DS). The zipper provides access to a compartment in which chemical hand warmers can be placed, as well as a ballistic insert, which provides ballistic protection to the lower-abdominal / pelvic area. This feature really fits in the multiple-purpose approach that is prevalent in almost all Qore Performance’s products.

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SHOT Show 2020 Qore Performance (5 of 8)

ICE Plate MOLLE Sleeve

SHOT Show 2020 Qore Performance (6 of 8)

Qore Performance is also very active in the industrial/infrastructure/construction field.
The same thermal efficiency concepts apply to these fields.

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SHOT 2020 | Point6

With a lot of experience in merino wool manufacturing and yarn treatments Point6 is now entering the glove market with a very interesting line of products.


Soon more details will be released.

SHOT 2020 | Vortex RAZOR® HD GEN III 1-10X24 FFP

Vortex is one of the first to launch a new chapter in the realm of LPVOs, the 1-10 magnification. Although many argue that for tactical use high magnification does not always provide the best shooting results, usually the same see great advantage for detection and identification.

SHOT Show 2020 Vortex Optics_-5

The Razor HD Gen III 1-10×24 is a first focal plane 1-10x powered optic that features HD optical system and a crisp, illuminated reticle in a package that weighs the same as the 1-6x. A true 1x on the low end and daylight bright illumination for reliable performance in all conditions makes this a very interesting option for close-quarters and long-range.

SHOT Show 2020 Vortex Optics_SHOT Show 2020 Vortex Optics_-3SHOT Show 2020 Vortex Optics_-4SHOT Show 2020 Vortex Optics_-6

SHOT 2020 | Benchmade

533 Mini Bugout

the Bugout has been scaled down in the form
of the new 533 Mini Bugout. Available in two different colorways, the Mini Bugout
maintains the same material configuration as its full-sized counterparts in a 1.5 oz
package. With a closed length of 3.7”, this ultralight folder is small enough for a mint
tin, yet big enough for adventure.

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade

Shown from left to right are: 533 Mini Bugout, 535 Bugout, 537 Bailout

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-2

Bugout and Mini Bugout compared

535BK-2 Bugout

Blacked out from tip to tail, this
Bugout® will be a favorite amongst customers of all lifestyles. Re-engineered with
Benchmade’s new CF-Elite™ handle technology, the 535BK-2 weighs in slightly
lighter than its predecessors, yet boasts greater rigidity under pressure. Just when
you thought the Bugout® couldn’t get any lighter…

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-3SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-4

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-5

From top to bottom: Mini Bugout, Bugout and Bailout

537GY-1 Bailout

For those looking for something a little more robust, the new 537GY-1 Bailout takes
lightweight strength one step further. Outfitted with woodland green anodized
aluminum handles, and a CPM-M4 blade, this Bailout can hang with the best of
them despite its slim profile.

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-6SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-7SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-8SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-9SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-11

601 Tengu Flipper

Blurring the lines between traditional design and modern technology, the new 601
Tengu epitomizes the style of Jared Oeser’s custom designs. This slim and classy
flipper is packed with detail, from the CPM-20CV blade to the dual-colored G10
handles. Complete with a black leather carry sleeve, the Tengu is bound to impress
those looking for something different.

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-12SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-14SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-13SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-15


A tactical knife doesn’t always need to be overbuilt to serve its purpose. Taking
the best from some of our favorite legacy designs, the new 8551BK Mediator is
Benchmade’s latest push-button automatic. With milled chevron-pattern G10
handles and a CPM-S90V reverse tanto blade, the Mediator™ is a sleek switchblade
with lightning-fast action.

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-16SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-17SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-18


Continuing the precedence for speed and style, set by the initial 3400 Autocrat,
the new 3400BK-1 and 3400BK-2 Autocrat are our latest addition to the
out-the-front platform. Designed with both EDC and tactical enthusiasts in mind,
this quick and lightweight OTF can perform just as well as it looks.

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-19SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-20SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-21


Designed by Greg Thompon as a first-option, battle-blade that incorporates a
myriad of functional features, the new 391BK SOCP Folder is ideal for on and
off-duty carry. The rapid deployment ring and tip-down carry enhance the speed
at which this knife can be deployed from concealment, and the smooth handle
dimples allow for confident transition in your hand. Redesigned with Benchmade’s
AXIS-lock technology, this knife won’t leave you fumbling for functionality in
stressful situations.

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-22SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-23

173BK Mini SOCP

aking the best features of its full-sized counterpart, we have teamed up with Greg Thompson to optimize some of the most popular elements of the SOCP®. platform for concealed carry with the 173BK Mini SOCP®. Based on feedback from Special Operations personnel, we have updated the design of the sheath clip, to allow for better retention on MOLLE® webbing, pocket seams, and waistbands. The overall length of the knife allows for easier concealment, while maintaining it’s effectiveness in a self-defense situation.

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-24

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-25

391BK SOCP TACTICAL FOLDER compared with 173BK Mini SOCP


Hand finished and
assembled by our elite craftsmen, the 15085-201 Mini Crooked River carries the
proverbial torch of its predecessor in regards to style and class. Dressed in marbled
carbon fiber handles, with Raffir® Alume Yellow Moon inlays, and a Vinland™ pattern
Damasteel® blade.SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-26SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-27SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-28SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-29


With years of experience and redesign, the new Presidio II now features Benchmade’s CF-Elite™ handle material. Light enough to cut overall weight without compromising durability, the 570-1 Presidio II is the perfect option for those looking for a robust folder that doesn’t weigh their kit down.

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-30

Handle material difference between CF-Elite (top two) and aluminum scales (bottom)

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-31SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-32

SHOT 2020 | Salomon Forces

Salomon has been moving all of the XA Forces range to a trade compliant manufacturing facility to better allow US procurement on a macro level. Salomon has also added anti puncture, anti slip (in all models) and anti static (some models for now).

SHOT Show 2020 Salomon ForcesSHOT Show 2020 Salomon Forces-3SHOT Show 2020 Salomon Forces-2

SHOT 2020 | Surefire

The never ending search for optimization of rail space on long guns now sees Surefire as one of the main actors actively involved. For many years the professional consumer was aware of the myriad of possible configurations (handguards, lights, IR aiming devices, suppressor, muzzle devices…) and knew that after receiving the brand new light the quest for the perfect mounting solution began.

Now, it’s a one stop shop.

Scout Light PRO

Available for Picatinny and M-Lok (both out of the box). The Pro mounting body is available for Dual Fuel Scout Light, Scout Light, Mini Scout Light, Infrared Scout Light and Infrared Scout Light Mini.
The Scout Pro body allows to orient the mounting plate and to lock it down via a screw.

SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-18SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-19SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-20SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-21SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-15SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-16SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-17SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-14SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-13SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-12SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-10


The new XVL2-IRC is the Civilian Legal version of the XVL2-IR. This new version of the light is not only particularly interesting for civilians but it also a great option for all departments that do not want to have full-powered IR devices mounted on secondary firearms.
The XVL2-IRC features a 400 Lumens white light, <5mW Green vis laser, 300 mW IR illuminator and a <0.7 mW IR pointer.

SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-7SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-8SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-9


Surefire has redesigned the rechargeable option of the previously shown pistol mounted light for conceal carry. This new version features a removable and individually rechargeable battery, an example they have provided is changing the battery during a low-light no-light course.

SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-4SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-5SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-6


Same design will also be available for the XR2, the light + laser version.

SHOT Show 2020 SureFireSHOT Show 2020 SureFire-2SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-3

A new unexpected product from Surefire Suppressors was the brand new 50 Cal suppressor.

SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-11SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-23SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-22

SHOT 2020 | Gerber


Gerber launched a folding machete with a very clever design.
During the opening of the blade (butterfly style) a pair of gears ensure that the two halves of the handle rotate synchronously. Once in position the two handle halves lock with an apposite mechanism that really stiffens the handle.

SHOT Show 2020 Gerber DoubledownSHOT Show 2020 Gerber Doubledown-2


SHOT Show 2020 Gerber-9SHOT Show 2020 Gerber-8SHOT Show 2020 Gerber-11SHOT Show 2020 Gerber-10

Ultimate Fixed Blade

SHOT Show 2020 Gerber-12

Prybird X

SHOT Show 2020 Gerber-4SHOT Show 2020 Gerber-5SHOT Show 2020 Gerber-6

Prybird Utility

SHOT Show 2020 GerberSHOT Show 2020 Gerber-2SHOT Show 2020 Gerber-3

Truss in Black

SHOT Show 2020 Gerber-7

SHOT 2020 | Streamlight

At SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight has launched many new products, with a lot of focus on weapon mounted lights. Aside from an output update to the TLR-1 HL line (now up to 1000 Lumens) all new weapon mounted lights are based on the body design of the TLR-7 and TLR-8.

We have seen, in the past few months preceding SHOT, the launch of the TLR-7 A; what the gun industry has defined as “the TLR-7 that we wanted in the first place”.

The same switch design as been applied to the TLR-8 with the TLR-8 A: the lased equipped version.


SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight (10 of 18)

Based on the same design are some new products that nobody was expecting: the TLR RM1 and RM2, together with the TLR-9. This aluminium body line of lights are designed for use on full frame handguns (TLR-9) and long gun/pdw use (TLR RM), with direct switch or with a pressure pad.


SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight (8 of 18)SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight (6 of 18)

TLR-9 (showed with both switch options) and the TLR RM2

SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight (7 of 18)SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight (9 of 18)


SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight (4 of 18)SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight (3 of 18)SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight (2 of 18)SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight (1 of 18)

Also new for this year are some work lights, although designed for the automotive industry they features some modes that could be interesting for the tactical industry.

One example is the dedicated UV light for spotting leaks, which could also become very useful when doing maintenance on equipment or for medical use.

Strion Switchblade

SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight (11 of 18)SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight (12 of 18)SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight (13 of 18)


SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight (14 of 18)SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight (15 of 18)


SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight (18 of 18) SHOT Show 2020 Streamlight (16 of 18)

SHOT 2020 | Scalarworks

Very interesting lightweight optics mounts from Scalarworks.

LEAP Mount



Optics and magnifier mounts available in three different heights: 1.42″, 1.57″, 1.93″


LEAP Pro mount with PEAK ironsights.



LEAP/07 for Scopes