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The never ending search for optimization of rail space on long guns now sees Surefire as one of the main actors actively involved. For many years the professional consumer was aware of the myriad of possible configurations (handguards, lights, IR aiming devices, suppressor, muzzle devices…) and knew that after receiving the brand new light the quest for the perfect mounting solution began.

Now, it’s a one stop shop.

Scout Light PRO

Available for Picatinny and M-Lok (both out of the box). The Pro mounting body is available for Dual Fuel Scout Light, Scout Light, Mini Scout Light, Infrared Scout Light and Infrared Scout Light Mini.
The Scout Pro body allows to orient the mounting plate and to lock it down via a screw.

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The new XVL2-IRC is the Civilian Legal version of the XVL2-IR. This new version of the light is not only particularly interesting for civilians but it also a great option for all departments that do not want to have full-powered IR devices mounted on secondary firearms.
The XVL2-IRC features a 400 Lumens white light, <5mW Green vis laser, 300 mW IR illuminator and a <0.7 mW IR pointer.

SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-7SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-8SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-9


Surefire has redesigned the rechargeable option of the previously shown pistol mounted light for conceal carry. This new version features a removable and individually rechargeable battery, an example they have provided is changing the battery during a low-light no-light course.

SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-4SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-5SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-6


Same design will also be available for the XR2, the light + laser version.

SHOT Show 2020 SureFireSHOT Show 2020 SureFire-2SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-3

A new unexpected product from Surefire Suppressors was the brand new 50 Cal suppressor.

SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-11SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-23SHOT Show 2020 SureFire-22

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