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533 Mini Bugout

the Bugout has been scaled down in the form
of the new 533 Mini Bugout. Available in two different colorways, the Mini Bugout
maintains the same material configuration as its full-sized counterparts in a 1.5 oz
package. With a closed length of 3.7”, this ultralight folder is small enough for a mint
tin, yet big enough for adventure.

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade

Shown from left to right are: 533 Mini Bugout, 535 Bugout, 537 Bailout

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-2

Bugout and Mini Bugout compared

535BK-2 Bugout

Blacked out from tip to tail, this
Bugout® will be a favorite amongst customers of all lifestyles. Re-engineered with
Benchmade’s new CF-Elite™ handle technology, the 535BK-2 weighs in slightly
lighter than its predecessors, yet boasts greater rigidity under pressure. Just when
you thought the Bugout® couldn’t get any lighter…

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-3SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-4

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-5

From top to bottom: Mini Bugout, Bugout and Bailout

537GY-1 Bailout

For those looking for something a little more robust, the new 537GY-1 Bailout takes
lightweight strength one step further. Outfitted with woodland green anodized
aluminum handles, and a CPM-M4 blade, this Bailout can hang with the best of
them despite its slim profile.

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-6SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-7SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-8SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-9SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-11

601 Tengu Flipper

Blurring the lines between traditional design and modern technology, the new 601
Tengu epitomizes the style of Jared Oeser’s custom designs. This slim and classy
flipper is packed with detail, from the CPM-20CV blade to the dual-colored G10
handles. Complete with a black leather carry sleeve, the Tengu is bound to impress
those looking for something different.

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-12SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-14SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-13SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-15


A tactical knife doesn’t always need to be overbuilt to serve its purpose. Taking
the best from some of our favorite legacy designs, the new 8551BK Mediator is
Benchmade’s latest push-button automatic. With milled chevron-pattern G10
handles and a CPM-S90V reverse tanto blade, the Mediator™ is a sleek switchblade
with lightning-fast action.

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-16SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-17SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-18


Continuing the precedence for speed and style, set by the initial 3400 Autocrat,
the new 3400BK-1 and 3400BK-2 Autocrat are our latest addition to the
out-the-front platform. Designed with both EDC and tactical enthusiasts in mind,
this quick and lightweight OTF can perform just as well as it looks.

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-19SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-20SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-21


Designed by Greg Thompon as a first-option, battle-blade that incorporates a
myriad of functional features, the new 391BK SOCP Folder is ideal for on and
off-duty carry. The rapid deployment ring and tip-down carry enhance the speed
at which this knife can be deployed from concealment, and the smooth handle
dimples allow for confident transition in your hand. Redesigned with Benchmade’s
AXIS-lock technology, this knife won’t leave you fumbling for functionality in
stressful situations.

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-22SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-23

173BK Mini SOCP

aking the best features of its full-sized counterpart, we have teamed up with Greg Thompson to optimize some of the most popular elements of the SOCP®. platform for concealed carry with the 173BK Mini SOCP®. Based on feedback from Special Operations personnel, we have updated the design of the sheath clip, to allow for better retention on MOLLE® webbing, pocket seams, and waistbands. The overall length of the knife allows for easier concealment, while maintaining it’s effectiveness in a self-defense situation.

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-24

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-25

391BK SOCP TACTICAL FOLDER compared with 173BK Mini SOCP


Hand finished and
assembled by our elite craftsmen, the 15085-201 Mini Crooked River carries the
proverbial torch of its predecessor in regards to style and class. Dressed in marbled
carbon fiber handles, with Raffir® Alume Yellow Moon inlays, and a Vinland™ pattern
Damasteel® blade.SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-26SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-27SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-28SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-29


With years of experience and redesign, the new Presidio II now features Benchmade’s CF-Elite™ handle material. Light enough to cut overall weight without compromising durability, the 570-1 Presidio II is the perfect option for those looking for a robust folder that doesn’t weigh their kit down.

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-30

Handle material difference between CF-Elite (top two) and aluminum scales (bottom)

SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-31SHOT Show 2020 Benchmade-32

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