Early Morning/ Evening Weighted Trail Run

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Weighted trail running, just before the sun rises or as the sun is setting is one of the most releveling moments before/after a long day at work. This is how we like to do it.

The Beyond Clothing K2 Celeris Pullover provides enough warmth for the beginning of the run during (especially during those chilly mornings) without overheating throughout the entire duration of the activity. The material of this pullover wicks sweat away from the skin extremely effectively and the addition of the hood and long zipper allows for a bit of thermal regulation. There is a small zippered pocket on the sleeve, perfect for storing keys and cash.

Speaking of the zipper: it’s flat enough so that it doesn’t get pushed in the skin by the plate carrier. But if there is even a slim chance of this happening, the addition of the First Spear 10×12 Padded Plate Backer provides a good clearance to eliminates it. These plate backers are extremely comfortable and provide cushioning.

A minimalist slick plate carrier allows to apply a level 4 or level 5 if wind/rain protection on top. Made by FROG.PRO, this Defender Low Visibility Plate Carrier allows to have slick front while keeping some storage of essential items on the elastic cummerbunds. The [not] camo Black Multicam is discreet while keeping the tactical flare. An extremely comfortable system also scalable via the application of front panels. The shoulder straps are thin enough not to stand out when encountering fellow runners on the trail but still very comfortable. The plate pouches are well sized and provide enough adjustment to secure the plates and therefore avoid any unwanted movement during exercise.

The loop field in the front and rear is ideal for applying a signaling light, especially for country roads. In this instance we have applied a Unity Tactical SPARK marking light.

Also from First Spear are the moisture wicking performance briefs an essential piece of clothing as the hot summer gets closer.

The training plates are the Team Wendy ESAPI non-ballistic training plates and come in the size of 8.75” x 11.75”  with a weight of 5 lbs each. These are ideal if in the area you are exercising are not allowed to wear ballistic plates. The multicurve design makes the extremely comfortable, especially to those steel single curve (or even worse: flat) plates.

Oakley SI Speed Jackets provide protection to bugs and branches. The low profile of this model is ideal for high intensity use while still offering a decent protection to the eye. It’s better to be called nerds than become cyclops on a run.

The Princeton Tec Remix Pro our favorite headlamp for trail running because of its 300 Lumen white light and its low signature red light. The Streamlight ProTac 1L-AA is a  very light weight but powerful enough handheld flashlight, particularly suited for a trail run.

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