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Early Morning/ Evening Weighted Trail Run

Early_Morning Trail run-1-2

Weighted trail running, just before the sun rises or as the sun is setting is one of the most releveling moments before/after a long day at work. This is how we like to do it.

The Beyond Clothing K2 Celeris Pullover provides enough warmth for the beginning of the run during (especially during those chilly mornings) without overheating throughout the entire duration of the activity. The material of this pullover wicks sweat away from the skin extremely effectively and the addition of the hood and long zipper allows for a bit of thermal regulation. There is a small zippered pocket on the sleeve, perfect for storing keys and cash.

Speaking of the zipper: it’s flat enough so that it doesn’t get pushed in the skin by the plate carrier. But if there is even a slim chance of this happening, the addition of the First Spear 10×12 Padded Plate Backer provides a good clearance to eliminates it. These plate backers are extremely comfortable and provide cushioning.

A minimalist slick plate carrier allows to apply a level 4 or level 5 if wind/rain protection on top. Made by FROG.PRO, this Defender Low Visibility Plate Carrier allows to have slick front while keeping some storage of essential items on the elastic cummerbunds. The [not] camo Black Multicam is discreet while keeping the tactical flare. An extremely comfortable system also scalable via the application of front panels. The shoulder straps are thin enough not to stand out when encountering fellow runners on the trail but still very comfortable. The plate pouches are well sized and provide enough adjustment to secure the plates and therefore avoid any unwanted movement during exercise.

The loop field in the front and rear is ideal for applying a signaling light, especially for country roads. In this instance we have applied a Unity Tactical SPARK marking light.

Also from First Spear are the moisture wicking performance briefs an essential piece of clothing as the hot summer gets closer.

The training plates are the Team Wendy ESAPI non-ballistic training plates and come in the size of 8.75” x 11.75”  with a weight of 5 lbs each. These are ideal if in the area you are exercising are not allowed to wear ballistic plates. The multicurve design makes the extremely comfortable, especially to those steel single curve (or even worse: flat) plates.

Oakley SI Speed Jackets provide protection to bugs and branches. The low profile of this model is ideal for high intensity use while still offering a decent protection to the eye. It’s better to be called nerds than become cyclops on a run.

The Princeton Tec Remix Pro our favorite headlamp for trail running because of its 300 Lumen white light and its low signature red light. The Streamlight ProTac 1L-AA is a  very light weight but powerful enough handheld flashlight, particularly suited for a trail run.


Sea Dragon Plate Carrier

The Sea Dragon plate carrier designed for divers and for maritime operations.

Retrofit Quick Release Cummerbunds for LC-Hagakure

New Iteration of  LC-Kusazuri Belt Cover-MD

The addition of a silicon strip provides retention and grip on clothing and equipment. This addition renders rainy shooting session while wearing a hardshell much more comfortable and efficient.

New line of pouches
Top Row (left to right):
– Pistol-1-VF, single
– General Purpose-VF
– Multi-1-EOT, single
– Pistol-SMG-1-EOT, single

Bottom Row (left to right):
– Multi-1-Pistol-VF, single
– Multi-1-General Purpose-VF, single
– Multi-2-EOT, single
– Multi-1-Pistol-EOT, single


New functional packaging from FROG.PRO
Laser-Cut organizer for gear storing and heavy duty zip locked bag.


An EDC – Commuter proposal from FROG.PRO that incorporates some of the features of the tactical and military lines into a more design-based bag.
The interior provides organizational capabilities via a Laser Cut panel and is protected by waterproof zippers. The outer portion offers a multitude of attachment options via the signature FROG.PRO laser cut pattern and utilizes a very clever material for providing a subtle and low-key look, without compromising the safety of the commuter (possibly on a bike).
The ADEFT URBANICA features a QR buckle for easy access and release.

Velocity Systems Mayflower RC | New Products for 2017

New SCARAB DLX Plate Carrier

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC SCARAB DLX Multicam

The Velocity Systems SCARAB DLX is lighter than the the older version. It features a new systems that utilizes a rigid frame to create an inter-space between the operator and the plate carrier itself. The innovation seems to be driven by a desire to improve comfort and security of the user. The rigid frame in the gap allows better cooling and further safety in regards of kinetic energy delivered to the armor.

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC SCARAB DLX Multicam

 Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC SCARAB DLX Multicam

On the SCARAB DLX Pals/MOLLE panels have been substituted with a new system that features laser-cut fabric with triangular slots. These can be utilized with standard Pals/MOLLE pouches with an increase in durability. The new plate carrier also features the ability to raise or lower the height of the Swiftclips, determining the position of the placard (or broken down chest rig) without adjusting the plate carrier. This seems a very interesting feature for all those special applications that for example require to be seated in a vehicle or prone on the ground for long periods of time.

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC SCARAB DLX Multicam Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC SCARAB DLX Multicam

New 48 Hours Assault Pack

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC 48 hour Assault Pack Wolf Grey

The 48 Hour Assault Pack is the latest addition to their low-profile line of packs. Velocity Systems and Mayflower RC have been well known in the industry for the 24 Hour Assault pack, available both with fixed shoulder straps and with Helium Whisper attachment.

With the larger 48 hour version they seem to have gone through the fixed shoulder strap route, quite possibly due to the size and the purpose of the pack.

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC 48 hour Assault Pack Wolf Grey

On the left side is a very discreet 2 x 3 panel of pals webbing, while on the right side the elastic pocket can store water bottles and radios. Overall the pack seems to have a very clean design, just like it predecessor/little brother.

New Full Feature Chest Rig

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC Chest Rig Wolf Grey

Velocity Systems and Mayflower RC are well known in the industry for their plate carriers and their chest rig. What sets them apart from other competitors is the availability of the SwiftClip attachment throughout the whole line up. We had the opportunity to use the combination of LightWeight Plate Carrier and the Quad 556 placard (here is the review).
The latest product aims at bringing an additional customer configurable option to the line of chest rigs with the tactical pack attachment and the front plate pocket.
The pack attaches to the male buckles of the chest rigs and utilizes the shoulder straps as a support for both the pack and the chest rig. Two side attachment provide additional stability and rigidity to the platform. This seems to be a very interesting product for all of those that are not interested in carrying an integrated plate carrier or that are not interested at all in carrying one (for long operations for example).
Often times users prefer to evenly apply armor to the front and back of a plate carrier rather than only in the front of a “Rhodesian-style” chest rig due to uncomfortably unbalance. In this instance the back panel allows to carry a water reservoir and to attach a 24 hour assault pack, which will probably even out the weight of the front plate and the gear/ammo carried in the chest rig.

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC Back Panel chest Rig Wolf Grey

We have seen many photos of user-made platforms of chest rigs and hydration packs attached with zip-ties or 100 mile an hour tape so we are excited that a company like Velocity Systems and Mayflower RC has decided to also move in this direction.

Summit 30L

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC Summit 30L Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC Summit 30L




Velocity Systems | Light Weight Plate Carrier


The LWPC is designed with maximum versatility and speed in mind. The ability to conceal this plate carrier allows the operator to maximize the effectiveness of this platform even in uncertain environments where low-profile is the number one priority. The possibility to unzip a Jacket and attach a placard with all the mission specific equipment really makes the transition from low-profile to high-profile just a matter of seconds. The ability to change configuration in a brief period of time allows the end user to quickly adapt to the specific situation as the environment changes. The biggest feature of this plate carrier, aside from its incredible light weight, is the versatility and modularity provided by the SwiftClips. Velocity Systems and MayflowerRC have, for a long time, believed in the concept of a modular armor and load bearing system that shared the same support structure. For many years we have seen great redundancy in the operators’ equipment; a popular set-up used to be a standard chest rig worn on top of a low profile armor carrier. At the time the only alternative to this system was the bulky PALs webbing/MOLLE plate carrier (which required a lot of time to reconfigure pouch by pouch) but it would not provide the ability to quickly change set-up (from 5.56 to 7.62 or to mission specific role) like the chest rig and plate carrier combination.

To this need Velocity Systems and Mayflower RC have responded with modular placards and chest rigs that would provide the operator with the comfort of a single piece of equipment while having the versatility of multiple pre-configured modular set-ups.


In our opinion, there is a substantial difference in the set-up of this product in the various applications of agencies and civilian use.

For a military or agency type of application this product would be suited for some sort of low-profile operation in which the operator would be required to constantly wear armor, comms and, perhaps, a medical kit. The low-profile nature of the carrier would quite possibly be unnoticed but would offer protection and the ability to attach a fully equipped chest rig placard within seconds.


As for the civilian use, we think that this system could offer much more versatility that a standard MOLLE vest. The use in a civilian application would, hopefully, be for a shorter period of time and it would not require the user to wear comms and med kit on a closer level. In an event in which the civilian should respond with armor the medical kit and radio would probably store within the placard itself. The MOLLE version allows to carry 6×6” armor side plates and offers 6 columns of PALS webbing attachment.


This is why we find the MOLLE version of the cummerbunds more suitable for low-profile operations and the elastic (lighter and slicker) cummerbunds for civilian use. Off course, the interchangeability of them will allow the user to configure it to the mission requirements. The low profile nature of the elastic cummerbunds would also allow a concealed carry citizen to use his/her inside the waistband holster at the three o’clock position without any interference with the plate carrier itself.


The lower half of the front of the plate carrier is covered with loop Velcro, stitched right into the front flap. On the sides of the upper portion are the two SwiftClips, which can be removed. There is a low-profile admin pouch, also stitched with a loop Velcro panel. If you happen to have the Multicam version of this plate carrier, as we do, the “admin” and back loop Velcro panels visible from the outside are matched with the camo pattern.


It was a pleasant surprise to see that this Light Weight plate carrier has all of the features of “Standard” plate carriers. Often times, due to the weight reduction, companies tend to “lighten” the adjustability and user-configurability, not Velocity Systems and Mayflower R&C. The cummerbunds can be adjusted both from the front and from back panel. For primary fitting, it is possible to regulate on the back panel the position of the cummerbund, the end of which is provided with both hook and loop Velcro on each side; this ensures the stability and the overall ruggedness of the product. For field adjustment (or secondary adjustment), it is possible to fit the size by lifting the dedicated front panel. On the market it is usually is rare to see two fully spec’d adjustment points on such a lightweight platform.


The top straps are also adjustable, allowing fitting the perfect height of the plate carrier (on a side note, please stop wearing your plate carriers low, you know who we are talking about…). The top strap is provided with a cushioned sleeve, for load bearing comfort and cable routing. We only wrote cable and not hydration tube routing on purpose, this plate carrier is meant to be lightweight and therefore used in atypical (or asymmetrical warfare) type of scenarios such as urban and low-profile application in which there should not be the need of “field” requirements like continuous hydration on the move. If the possibly of attaching a panel or an hydration bladder is an important characteristic we suggest checking out the other plate carriers from Velocity Systems and Mayflower R&C like the SCARAB.


Both the stitching and the material used are impressive. The attention to details and the well thought design differentiate this product from a market full of plate carriers that have become almost a commodity without any peculiar feature.  Velocity Systems uses 500-denier Cordura fabric for the outer layers; this provides high mechanical properties while still maintaining a low-weight discipline.

Velocity Systems and Mayflower R&C proudly use materials and workmanship that are 100% made in the USA.


For more information, please visit: VelSyst.com