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The History Behind the Beyond Clothing Corday Jacket

One of the goals of Beyond Clothing, other than making awesome expeditionary clothing systems, is to become an enabler for those that “stand for what they believe in”. This mindset, often shared among their customer basis, is not really something new. Selflessness and wanting to be part of something bigger than yourself is a culture that has very old roots. Those that sacrifice for a greater value usually don’t do it for the glory and often times their story isn’t even told in their lifetime. Since many of these stories have common traits to contemporary conflicts and injustices it is important to understand them and to learn from the sacrifice of those that have come before us. This is one of them.


The K5 – Women’s Corday Jacket takes its name from Marie-Anne Charlotte de Corday d’Armont, more commonly known simply as Charlotte Corday. Charlotte’s place in history comes from the French Revolution. She’s most recognized for the act of killing leading pundit Jean-Paul Marat while he was in the bathtub for inciting violence and radicalizing the movement.

Charlotte completely shook up the public perception of what a woman was capable of, and stood by her actions and the beliefs that motivated them. After being sentenced to death, she asked that her likeliness be painted for posterity first, adding, “To save your country means not noticing what it costs.” We can only assume that if she had a pair of sunglasses, they would’ve been slowly slid on at this point.

The Corday Jacket is many things: a technical softshell, a warm winter layer, an active-use tool, and a rather stylish piece if we do say so ourselves. At its core, however, it’s something more. More than an access pass to wild places, more than chic ruff-trimmed streetwear, more than a particular means to an end. It’s a statement: an embodiment of the intention to go absolutely anywhere, and stand for what you believe in.


Early Morning/ Evening Weighted Trail Run

Early_Morning Trail run-1-2

Weighted trail running, just before the sun rises or as the sun is setting is one of the most releveling moments before/after a long day at work. This is how we like to do it.

The Beyond Clothing K2 Celeris Pullover provides enough warmth for the beginning of the run during (especially during those chilly mornings) without overheating throughout the entire duration of the activity. The material of this pullover wicks sweat away from the skin extremely effectively and the addition of the hood and long zipper allows for a bit of thermal regulation. There is a small zippered pocket on the sleeve, perfect for storing keys and cash.

Speaking of the zipper: it’s flat enough so that it doesn’t get pushed in the skin by the plate carrier. But if there is even a slim chance of this happening, the addition of the First Spear 10×12 Padded Plate Backer provides a good clearance to eliminates it. These plate backers are extremely comfortable and provide cushioning.

A minimalist slick plate carrier allows to apply a level 4 or level 5 if wind/rain protection on top. Made by FROG.PRO, this Defender Low Visibility Plate Carrier allows to have slick front while keeping some storage of essential items on the elastic cummerbunds. The [not] camo Black Multicam is discreet while keeping the tactical flare. An extremely comfortable system also scalable via the application of front panels. The shoulder straps are thin enough not to stand out when encountering fellow runners on the trail but still very comfortable. The plate pouches are well sized and provide enough adjustment to secure the plates and therefore avoid any unwanted movement during exercise.

The loop field in the front and rear is ideal for applying a signaling light, especially for country roads. In this instance we have applied a Unity Tactical SPARK marking light.

Also from First Spear are the moisture wicking performance briefs an essential piece of clothing as the hot summer gets closer.

The training plates are the Team Wendy ESAPI non-ballistic training plates and come in the size of 8.75” x 11.75”  with a weight of 5 lbs each. These are ideal if in the area you are exercising are not allowed to wear ballistic plates. The multicurve design makes the extremely comfortable, especially to those steel single curve (or even worse: flat) plates.

Oakley SI Speed Jackets provide protection to bugs and branches. The low profile of this model is ideal for high intensity use while still offering a decent protection to the eye. It’s better to be called nerds than become cyclops on a run.

The Princeton Tec Remix Pro our favorite headlamp for trail running because of its 300 Lumen white light and its low signature red light. The Streamlight ProTac 1L-AA is a  very light weight but powerful enough handheld flashlight, particularly suited for a trail run.

SHOT 2020 | Beyond Clothing

SHOT Show 2020 Beyond Clothing (1 of 20)

Details of the new Beyond Clothing products will be provided from Outdoor Retailer Snow Show.

SHOT Show 2020 Beyond Clothing (20 of 20)


It’s always special to come back to the Artisan year after year. This picturesque venue seem to be the perfect fit for the creative Beyond parties. For SHOT 2020, presented by Beyond Clothing and Blackfish, the night featured a live performance by Naughty by Nature and a Dueling DJ-set with Asian Star (Tokyo) and D Triple J (USA).

As always a key role of the night was the effort to raise funds and awareness for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and the Endangered Species Protection Agency. Through a collaboration with the ESPA the invited guests were able to encounter an endangered animal, a male tiger.

Beyond SHOT 2020 - Artisan01Beyond SHOT 2020 - Artisan02Beyond SHOT 2020 - Artisan03Beyond SHOT 2020 - Artisan04Beyond SHOT 2020 - Artisan05

Beyond Clothing introduces new proprietary arctic camouflage pattern, US 1928

This new arctic camouflage patter, developed in conjunction with HD ColorTech, will be available now for the K3 – Prima Lochi Jacket and the K5 – Aptus Jacket.

Beyond Clothing K3 Prima Lochi in  RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928
Beyond Clothing K3 Prima Lochi in RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928

During SHOT Show 2019 Beyond displayed a prototype of the new K3 Prima Lochi. The main difference between what we saw back then and the current production model is the Us 1928 camo being used also in the hood.

K3 - Kyros Lochi Reversible Jacket Green - Arctic Camo Snow
K3 – Prima Lochi Lochi in RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928
Beyond Clothing K3 Prima Lochi in  RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928
K3 – Prima Lochi in RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928
Beyond Clothing K3 Prima Lochi in  RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928
Beyond Clothing K3 Prima Lochi in RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928
Beyond Clothing K3 Prima Lochi in  RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928
Beyond Clothing K3 Prima Lochi in RUSTIC GREEN / US 1928

The K5 – Aptus Jacket is the Kyros version of the Axios A5 Stretch Alpha Sweater (an extremely performing and flexible piece of clothing). The technical nature of this garment is inherent in its construction: a very slim 3 layer system.

  • Layer 1: Double-knit Verso Weave™ fleece provides a blanket-soft feel and uses a circular grid pattern to create air channels, keeping you dry by funneling sweat up to the second layer.
  • Layer 2: Polartec® Alpha® Insulation takes the hot sweat sent up from the first layer and then hangs onto the heat to keep you toasty while kicking the moisture up to the third layer.
  • Layer 3: The third and outermost layer uses a durable water repellent (DWR) finish to seal out freshly shed sweat and light rainfall, and features a durable softshell design with 4-way stretch to ward off winds and keep you mobile.
K5 Aptus Jacket in US 1928
K5 Aptus Jacket in US 1928
K5 Aptus Jacket in US 1928

Make sure to stick around for some very interesting new products launching soon.

Find out more:

SOFIC 2018 | Beyond Clothing A3 – ALPHA LOCHI JACKET

The A3 Lochi Jacket is designed for active use in cold environments, and is reversible for low-profile use in urban environments. Polartec® Alpha® Insulation transfers moisture away from the body to keep you dry and warm, while the DWR treated nylon ripstop shell protects you from wind and rain. Light, highly compressible, breathable, and fast drying, the A3 Lochi Jacket is a low-profile alternative to the A3 Alpha Jacket.


  • Reversible
  • Insulated hood
  • Left Internal/Right External chest pocket
  • Hand Pockets
  • Highly compressible
  • Berry Complient


  • 40D Nylon Ripstop with DWR
  • Polartec® Alpha® Insulation – 80g


  • Breathable
  • Water-Resistant
  • Wind-Resistant

Weight: 16.0 oz.