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SHOT 2020 | Team Wendy

We first saw the new helmet cover at SOFIC 2019 but now they are officially available for all helmets (Ballistic, Carbon and LTP) for models with both Rail 2.0 and Rail 3.0. Covers are available in Black, Grey, Coyote, Ranger Green, Multicam and Multicam Alpine.

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Also officially available is the All-Terrain Mandible (non ballistic). This accessory can be now mounted to any helmet (Ballistic, Carbon and LTP) that features a Rail 3.0 set-up.
This non-ballistic version is an item in which a lot of teams have been really interested in, especially in Europe. A review of the All-Terrain Mandible will be online in the next few months.

SHOT Show 2020 Team Wendy (5 of 10)

Attachment of Ops Core AMP Headset to Team Wendy Helmets

After winning the SOCOM contract the AMP Comms headsets have become ubiquitous and many teams have already fielded Team Wendy Ballistic SL helmets. This accessory is designed to seamlessly integrate the two systems.

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This drop-in liner, named CloudLine™ for its unique comfort grade, features the softest Team Wendy patented Zorbium® foam to-date, used in strategically placed hexagon-shaped comfort pads designed to prevent hot spots while maintaining protection. Furthermore, the exceptionally comfortable liner is optimized for the widest range of ground combat helmets on the market. Previous Team Wendy drop-in liners were developed around specs of the standard ACH/ECH helmets, while CloudLine is designed to fit a broader range of helmets, including those used throughout special operations communities.

  • Three impact liner pads (front, crown, rear)
  • Four thick hexagon-shaped Cloud pads
  • Seven soft comfort pads in various shapes and sizes
  • Ten Velcro® brand hook disks

SHOT Show 2020 Team Wendy (7 of 10)

Study on Traumatic Brain Injury

Team Wendy has been selected as part of an academic research program for developing new strategies for detecting impacts and inertial forces that may result too high and have the risk of causing TBI. This research will be followed by the development of new technology intended to protect the user more from impacts that could potentially lead to TBI.

SHOT Show 2020 Team Wendy (4 of 10)SHOT Show 2020 Team Wendy (3 of 10)

SHOT Show 19 | Team Wendy

A protective clip-on mandible will soon be available from Team Wendy. The first iteration will only be available with ballistic protection and will fit Ballistic EXFIL 3.0 helmet.

Team Wendy SHOT Show 2019 Exfil Mandible Carbon Ballistic Visor Multicam

The mandible will clip on in a dedicated slot of the rail and it will not interfere with visors and/or helmet mounted accessories with the exception of rail mounted hearing protection / comms.

With the ballistic visor applied, the mandible add protection from both the frontal sector as well as from the sides. A key feature is in fact the impact/ballistic protection added to the ears.

Team Wendy SHOT Show 2019 Exfil Mandible Carbon Ballistic Visor Multicam (1)
Team Wendy SHOT Show 2019 Exfil Mandible Carbon Ballistic Visor Multicam
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IWA 2018 | Team Wendy

EXFIL® Ballistic SL Helmet

Helmet shown with:
– EXFIL® Ballistic Ear Covers
– EXFIL® Ballistic Visor

Ear Covers Ballistic Performance:
NIJ Level IIIA (according to NIJ STD 0108.01 / 0101.06; stops 9mm FMJ RN, .357 SIG FMJ FN, and .44 Magnum SJHP)

Visor Ballistic Performance:
Exceeds impact, fragmentation and optical requirements of Military Combat Eye Protection (MCEP) Class 2 in accordance with MIL-PRF-32432(GL), 9 January 2013
MCEP requirements include meeting ANSI Z87.1 2010

The EXFIL® Ballistic Visor with ESS Lens Technology is a low profile, lightweight visor system that mounts quickly and tool-free to the front section of the EXFIL® SL Rail. It quickly adjusts into three preset positions (down, up and stowed back), and provides clearance for NVG mounts when in the stowed position. Frame available in Black, Coyote Brown and Ranger Green.


Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic 

Helmet in the picture below shown in Multicam colorway set up with:
– EXFIL® Peltor™ Headset Adapter
– EXFIL® Oxygen Mask Strap Kit
– CORE Survival Helstar strobe
– MOHOC Helmet Camera.

EXFIL® Carbon Helmet spottet at the Princeton Tec booth


The EXFIL® SAR is the first purpose built Search and Rescue helmet to provide tactical accessory mounting capabilities, including a standard NVG shroud, while meeting key industrial and mountaineering performance standards. The EXFIL® SAR Tactical is optimized for use with night vision devices, it features a machined aluminum Wilcox® NVG shroud. The helmet also includes a 4-point CAM FIT™ retention system with chin cup for optimal stability and a Boa® Closure System to dial in precise fit adjustment while providing single-handed quick release.

Enforce Tac 2018 | Revision

Revision Caiman

In the past few months we have received many private inquiries on tactical bump helmets with protective mandibles for first responders. In some instances, especially outside of the United States, transporting and storing ballistic helmets requires special documentation and further bureaucracy; this could therefore be a sufficient solution for those activities that require a certain amount of protection, modularity of accessory and op flexibility.


SHOT Show 2018 | OpsCore

Princeton Tec Remix Pro MPLS Charge MPLS SHOT Show 2018 (17)Adventure Lights VIP Helmet Mounted SHOT Show 2018 (2)Adventure Lights VIP Helmet Mounted SHOT Show 2018 (1)Princeton Tec Remix Pro MPLS Switch MPLS SHOT Show 2018 (14)Opscore Gentex First Spear Range Day SHOT Show 2018 (5)Opscore Gentex First Spear Range Day SHOT Show 2018 (4)


Opscore Gentex First Spear Range Day SHOT Show 2018 (6)Opscore Gentex First Spear Range Day SHOT Show 2018 (7)Opscore Gentex First Spear Range Day SHOT Show 2018 (8)Opscore Gentex First Spear Range Day SHOT Show 2018 (1)

New generation is design to have less interference with cables from headset. The internal structure offers a dedicated channel for routing and the pads have been redesigned.

Opscore Gentex First Spear Range Day SHOT Show 2018 (2)Opscore Gentex First Spear Range Day SHOT Show 2018 (3)

Oakley Cerakote™ SI Ballistic Det Cord

Oakley SI Cerakote Ballistic Det Cord

Eye protection is probably one of the best precautions to take both on the field and on the range. After lots of eye injuries suffered by many during deployment, the DoD has decided to take measures against this big issue. Companies like Oakley have revolutionized the materials and the manufacturing process in order to meet these ballistic requirements. It has been many years since the US Gov. has issued the first Oakley Ballistic protective goggles and since then Oakley has produced different variants for different missions.

Oakley SI Cerakote Ballistic Det Cord

The SI Ballistic Det Cord sunglasses are the latest addition in Oakley SI’s line of eye protection. The low-profile design meets the requirements of many covert operations, while still having that “Oakley DNA” for aggressive environments and when things go south.Oakley SI Cerakote Ballistic Det Cord

With the constant presence of threats in high risk environments, asymmetrical warfare seems to be the keyword of this century. In the last few years brands like Oakley SI, who have always equipped armed forces, have found themselves designing and manufacturing more discreet products for the tactical market.

Oakley SI Cerakote Ballistic Det Cord

The lens placement on the Det Cord is slightly different from the usual sunglasses (aside from the ballistic protection). The frame design allows the lenses to sit very close to the user’s face, providing a very wide field of view. It also shields sunlight from any direct contact with the eye, above or beneath the lenses.

This design seem interesting also when speed is involved; with the lenses positioned so close to the user’s face the Det Cord appear to give some very good protection also from dust and wind.

Oakley SI Cerakote Ballistic Det Cord

Oakley has designed these glasses with the tactical operations in mind. The thin construction of the ear stems allows the glasses to be comms compatible (or ear pro). Not having this feature would lead to the loss of the seal of the muffs, causing them to lose any hearing protection capability. A thinner design of the frame is also very important if an helmet is worn. If you are carrying a ballistic helmet with night vision, lights and accessories attached you will end up with quite some weight; so it is important to have a secured and comfortable fit.

Oakley SI Cerakote Ballistic Det Cord

The DetCord are manufactured to conform to the ANSI Z87.1 – 2010 requirements.  To meet the ANSI Z87.1-2010 rating the eye protection must exceed specific high mass – high velocity tests and provide continuous lateral coverage. Most competitors on the market don’t provide lateral coverage; the presence of a “+” after Z87 will assure the lateral coverage compliancy.

The DetCords high purity optical-grade polycarbonate also meet the ballistic fragmentation MIL-PRF-32432 required by NATO forces and DoD.

Oakley SI Cerakote Ballistic Det Cord

To enhance the performance of the product under stress Oakley has applied a very interesting material for the nose-piece. It’s always annoying when, under stress, sunglasses (or even worse eye pro) slip down on the nose because of the presence of liquids on the skin. To solve this issue Oakley has applied a rubberized material on the nose piece, and even after some pretty hard use it does not seem to come off.

Another issues that, with other optics, appears on similar activities is fogging. This phenomenon is due to the body heat and moisture condensing in small drops on the lens itself. When shooting it’s usually frequent to have fogging in the winter when utilizing a rifle or a carbine; usually after some sort of dynamic action. We have had the opportunity to test this product from late summer until now and, due to the coating applied to the lenses, we haven’t had a sigle issue.

The this version comes with Cerakote applied to the entire frame. This superficial finish enhances the anti-reflection capability of the Det Cord and it also provides longevity to the surface of the frame. When used in conjunction with helmet systems and comms usually eye-pro and sunglasses get scratched a lot, the application of Cerakote prevents this from happening.