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SHOT Show 2017 | Gerber

Center Drive

The name of this product derives from the center-axis position of the screw-driver when opened. This allows the torque to be very effective and delivers a very professional and practical feature to the tool.

Gerber Center Drive Gerber Center Drive

It also comes with a multitude of other blades and tools that can be accessed without deploying or opening the pliers. The spring-loaded pliers borrow the one hand opening design from the historic 600 series. This tools seems to bring a combination of best features of its successful predecessors the MP1 and the 600 series.

Gerber Center Drive

Impromptu Tactical Pen in New Cerakote Colors

Gerber Impromptu

MP1 – AR

Gerber MP1-AR Gerber MP1-AR Gerber MP1-AR Gerber MP1-AR

DownRange Knives

Gerber Downrange Gerber Downrange Gerber Downrange

CZ | New P10-C

CZ released a new 9mm striker fired pistol with a similar design to the previous double action P07. The P10-C fits between the full-size and the compact size and holds 15 rounds.

CZ P10C CZ P10 C

CZ seems to have taken inspiration from the modifications that users did to their pistols, from the stippling job on the frame to the front serrations and cuts on the slide and the use of night sights. The trigger is very crisp and light with a “dynamic duty” feel to it and the reset is extremely short.


Daniel Defense | New DDM4V7 Line

At SHOT Show Daniel Defense displayed their new V7 rifle line for 2017. They have added three variants of the DDM4 V7 (which was introduced to the market last year at SHOT): the shorter V7 S, the lighter V7 LW and the competition-focused V7 PRO . We also had a chance to try them at the range events.


20170116-shotshow2017_danieldefense_ddm4v7_11inch-3 20170116-shotshow2017_danieldefense_ddm4v7_11inch  20170116-shotshow2017_danieldenfese_ddm4v7_11_s

The V7s is 11.5″ barrel SBR chambered in 223. It features a shorter version of the Daniel Defense V7 M-Lok handguard.


20170116-shotshow2017_danieldefense_ddm4v7_lw Daniel Defense DDM4V7 LW Daniel Defense DDM4V7 LW Daniel Defense DDM4V7 LW

Very similar to the DDM4V7, the LightWeight version features a lighter and slimmer barrel profile but still keeps the 16″ lenght of ve standard V7.


20170116-shotshow2017_danieldefense_ddm4v7_pro_s-2 20170116-shotshow2017_danieldefense_ddm4v7_pro_s-1 Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Pro Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Pro Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Pro Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Pro

The DDM4V7 Pro is a longer 18″ barrel rifle. The V7 Pro comes standard with a heavier barrel profile and a muzzle device that delivers an extremely flat and almost recoil-less shooting experience.


Oakley SI | New Models

Speed Jacket

Oakley SI Speed Jacket

At the Oakley booth we had the opportunity to finally check out the newest model: SI Speed Jacket.  This has been developed from a combination of Tombstone and Flak, combining core features from both models into a versatile, comfortable and performance-driven product.

Oakley SI Speed Jacket Oakley SI Speed Jacket

Designed from input by Law Enforcement and Competitive Shooters, core features include:

  • Design – Switchlock Technology trigger – quick release trigger for rapid lens exchange
  • Prizm lens technology – TR22, TR45, Maritime Pol, Shallow H2O, Deep H2O
  • Thin ear-stem technology for over/under the ear communication systems and hat compatibility
  • Flak design silhouette – enhanced field of view and anti-fog performance

Ballistic M Frame Alpha

Oakley SI Alpha

Alpha is an eco-system composed of a frame, gasket and goggle with a single lens working across all platforms. The SI ballistic M Frame Alpha is available with a multitude of lens: Prizm Shooting TR22 and TR45, Prizm Snow Jade, Rose and Black and the classic Grey and Clear.

Oakley SI Alpha Oakley SI Alpha Oakley SI Alpha Prizm Snow

Ballistic Shocktube

Oakley SI Shocktube Prizm Shooting TR22

With a substantial lower profile than the M Frame the Shocktube model provides a high degree of protection while keeping an overall smaller footprint. Designed tactical training or more discreet applications in mind, the Shocktube features the thin stem technology for comms and ear-pro compatibility and exceeds the ANSI Z87.1 standard for impact protection.

This model is available in Black or Terrain Tan, with the Prizm Shooting lenses TR22 and TR45 as well as the classic grey.

Oakley SI Shocktube Prizm Shooting TR22

New SI Prizm Snow Models

Oakley SI Prizm Snow Oakley SI Prizm Snow Oakley SI Alpha Prizm Snow Oakley SI Prizm Snow

Velocity Systems Mayflower RC | New Products for 2017

New SCARAB DLX Plate Carrier

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC SCARAB DLX Multicam

The Velocity Systems SCARAB DLX is lighter than the the older version. It features a new systems that utilizes a rigid frame to create an inter-space between the operator and the plate carrier itself. The innovation seems to be driven by a desire to improve comfort and security of the user. The rigid frame in the gap allows better cooling and further safety in regards of kinetic energy delivered to the armor.

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC SCARAB DLX Multicam

 Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC SCARAB DLX Multicam

On the SCARAB DLX Pals/MOLLE panels have been substituted with a new system that features laser-cut fabric with triangular slots. These can be utilized with standard Pals/MOLLE pouches with an increase in durability. The new plate carrier also features the ability to raise or lower the height of the Swiftclips, determining the position of the placard (or broken down chest rig) without adjusting the plate carrier. This seems a very interesting feature for all those special applications that for example require to be seated in a vehicle or prone on the ground for long periods of time.

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC SCARAB DLX Multicam Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC SCARAB DLX Multicam

New 48 Hours Assault Pack

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC 48 hour Assault Pack Wolf Grey

The 48 Hour Assault Pack is the latest addition to their low-profile line of packs. Velocity Systems and Mayflower RC have been well known in the industry for the 24 Hour Assault pack, available both with fixed shoulder straps and with Helium Whisper attachment.

With the larger 48 hour version they seem to have gone through the fixed shoulder strap route, quite possibly due to the size and the purpose of the pack.

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC 48 hour Assault Pack Wolf Grey

On the left side is a very discreet 2 x 3 panel of pals webbing, while on the right side the elastic pocket can store water bottles and radios. Overall the pack seems to have a very clean design, just like it predecessor/little brother.

New Full Feature Chest Rig

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC Chest Rig Wolf Grey

Velocity Systems and Mayflower RC are well known in the industry for their plate carriers and their chest rig. What sets them apart from other competitors is the availability of the SwiftClip attachment throughout the whole line up. We had the opportunity to use the combination of LightWeight Plate Carrier and the Quad 556 placard (here is the review).
The latest product aims at bringing an additional customer configurable option to the line of chest rigs with the tactical pack attachment and the front plate pocket.
The pack attaches to the male buckles of the chest rigs and utilizes the shoulder straps as a support for both the pack and the chest rig. Two side attachment provide additional stability and rigidity to the platform. This seems to be a very interesting product for all of those that are not interested in carrying an integrated plate carrier or that are not interested at all in carrying one (for long operations for example).
Often times users prefer to evenly apply armor to the front and back of a plate carrier rather than only in the front of a “Rhodesian-style” chest rig due to uncomfortably unbalance. In this instance the back panel allows to carry a water reservoir and to attach a 24 hour assault pack, which will probably even out the weight of the front plate and the gear/ammo carried in the chest rig.

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC Back Panel chest Rig Wolf Grey

We have seen many photos of user-made platforms of chest rigs and hydration packs attached with zip-ties or 100 mile an hour tape so we are excited that a company like Velocity Systems and Mayflower RC has decided to also move in this direction.

Summit 30L

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC Summit 30L Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC Summit 30L




MTEK | Flux Ballistic and Carbon Helmet

We have been following the developments of the MTEK company for quite some time. We believe that their products are able to better accommodate some of the operator’s need, especially in scenarios in which it is required to carry multiple items on the head (NVG, strobe, helmet-mounted comms, PL, lights, cameras…).
Here is a shot of the Flux ballistic helmet in Multicam Black.

MTEK Flux Ballistic Multicam Alpine

In the following photos are also a few of the new products from Unity Tactical displayed at the TNVC booth.

MTEK Flux Helmet MTEK Flux Helmet MTEK Flux Helmet MTEK Flux Helmet MTEK Flux Helmet

Smith & Wesson | M&P 2.0

Smith & Wesson as implemented some changes and improvements in the latest iteration of their M&P pistol.

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0

After years of success with their M&P model, Smith & Wesson has collected a lot of feedback from the field.
Some of the key features that had been added or enhanced are: front slide serrations, crisp and light trigger and a more aggressive grip texture.

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0

SHOT Show 2017 | First-Spear Range Day


Mohawk Helmet Counterweight

20170116-shotshow2017_tnvc_mohawk-4 20170116-shotshow2017_tnvc_mohawk-3 20170116-shotshow2017_tnvc_mohawk-2 20170116-shotshow2017_tnvc_mohawk-1

TAPS Programmable NV light-laser interface for long weapon

20170116-shotshow2017_tnvc_taps-3 20170116-shotshow2017_tnvc_taps-2








20170116-20170116-dsc07428 20170116-shotshow2017_first_spear_range_day20170116-20170116-dsc07443 20170116-20170116-dsc07445

SHOT Show 2017 | Industry Day at the Range

Savage Arms:

MSR 15 Recon:

20170116-shotshow2017_savage_msr_15_recon 20170116-shotshow2017_savage_msr_15_recon-5 20170116-shotshow2017_savage_msr_15_recon-4 20170116-shotshow2017_savage_msr_15_recon-3 20170116-shotshow2017_savage_msr_15_recon-2 shotshow2017_savage_msr_15_recon

MSR 10 Hunter:

20170116-shotshow2017_savage_msr_hunter-5 20170116-shotshow2017_savage_msr_hunter-4 20170116-shotshow2017_savage_msr_hunter-3 20170116-shotshow2017_savage_msr_hunter-2 20170116-shotshow2017_savage_msr_hunter-1

Daniel Defense:

DDM4V7 11S

20170116-shotshow2017_danieldefense_ddm4v7_11inch-1 20170116-shotshow2017_danieldefense_ddm4v7_11inch-3 20170116-shotshow2017_danieldefense_ddm4v7_11inch 20170116-shotshow2017_danieldenfese_ddm4v7_11_s

DDM4V7 LW (Light Weight)


DDM4V7 Pro

20170116-shotshow2017_danieldenfese_ddm4v7_pro-4 20170116-shotshow2017_danieldenfese_ddm4v7_pro-3 20170116-shotshow2017_danieldenfese_ddm4v7_pro-2 20170116-shotshow2017_danieldenfese_ddm4v7_pro-1 20170116-shotshow2017_danieldenfese_ddm4v7_11_s


20170116-shotshow2017_danieldefense_mk18 20170116-shotshow2017_danieldefense_mk18_s


Honey Badger

20170116-shotshow2017_q_honey_badger_pdw-1 20170116-shotshow2017_q_honey_badger_pdw-2 20170116-shotshow2017_q_honey_badger_pdw-3 20170116-shotshow2017_q_honey_badger_pdw-4 20170116-shotshow2017_q_honey_badger_pdw-5 20170116-shotshow2017_q_honey_badger_pdw-6 20170116-shotshow2017_q_honeybadger

The Fix

20170116-shotshow2017_q_the_fix-1 20170116-shotshow2017_q_the_fix-2 20170116-shotshow2017_q_the_fix-3 20170116-shotshow2017_q_the_fix-4 20170116-shotshow2017_q_the_fix-5

Hudson H9:

20170116-shotshow2017_hudson_mfg-1 20170116-shotshow2017_hudson_mfg-2 20170116-shotshow2017_hudson_mfg-3 20170116-shotshow2017_hudson_mfg-6 20170116-shotshow2017_hudson_mfg-7


Maxim 9

20170116-shotshow2017_silencerco_maxim9-3 20170116-shotshow2017_silencerco_maxim9-1 20170116-shotshow2017_silencerco_maxim9-2 20170116-shotshow2017_silencerco_maxim9-4 20170116-shotshow2017_silencerco_maxim9-5 20170116-shotshow2017_silencerco_maxim9-7 20170116-shotshow2017_silencerco_maxim9-6 20170116-shotshow2017_silencerco_maxim9-10 20170116-shotshow2017_silencerco_maxim9-9

New Suppressor:

20170116-shotshow2017_silencerco-3 20170116-shotshow2017_silencerco-2 20170116-shotshow2017_silencerco-1

Kriss USA:

Updated Vector with new upper receiver and new Defiance furniture:

20170116-shotshow2017_kriss_updated_vector-1 20170116-shotshow2017_kriss_updated_vector-2 20170116-shotshow2017_kriss_updated_vector-3  20170116-shotshow2017_kriss_vector2017-2 20170116-shotshow2017_kriss_vector2017-3 20170116-shotshow2017_kriss_vector2017-4  20170116-shotshow2017_kriss_vector2017-7

Defiance (Brand of Kriss USA):

DMK 22 LR (AR carbine in 22LR)

20170116-shotshow2017_defiance_ar_22lr-2 20170116-shotshow2017_defiance_ar_22lr-1 20170116-shotshow2017_defiance_22lr

CMC Triggers:

Glock Trigger


AR Triggers

20170116-shotshow2017_cmc_triggers-4 20170116-shotshow2017_cmc_triggers-3

Troy Industries:

20170116-shotshow2017_troy_industries-1 20170116-shotshow2017_troy_industries-2 20170116-shotshow2017_troy_industries-3

Vortex Optics:

New Razor Sight:

20170116-shotshow2017_cmc_triggers-1 SHOTShow2017_Vortex_Razor 20170116-shotshow2017_vortex_optics

Geissele and ALG:

20170116-shotshow2017_geisseletriggers_alg-1 20170116-shotshow2017_geisseletriggers_alg-2 20170116-shotshow2017_geisseletriggers_alg-3

Springfield Armory:

Saint AR15



20170116-shotshow2017_aeroprecision_s-1 20170116-shotshow2017_aeroprecision_s-2 20170116-shotshow2017_aeroprecision_s



20170116-shotshow2017_barrett_rec7-3 20170116-shotshow2017_barrett_rec7-4


American Pistol


SHOTShow2017_IDAR_Ruger (1)SHOTShow2017_IDAR_Ruger (2)

Blackhawk! Suppressors: