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FROG.PRO New Products for 2017

FROG.PRO produces some of the finest tactical products found today on the market. It is extremely rare to find a company with a comparable level of attention to detail: both in manufacturing processes and in materials. From the stitching to the innovative fabrics and hardware their products are a work of art designed truly to enhance the performance of the operator.
FROG.PRO has developed a new PALS system cut that enhances the mechanical properties, both strength and abrasion resistance, without compromising the overall weight of the package. This system revolves around the implementation of the LAHYCO® fabric, which consists of a composite of Hypalon® and 500D Cordura®.
The proprietary FROG.PRO LC (Laser Cut) is compatible with standard MOLLE attachments but performs at its best with the Whiskey Two Four (WTFix) straps.

Easy Access Backpack

The easy access backpack is designed to provide each operator the ability to access its own gear without dismounting the whole kit. For many years we have seen on the battlefields and on the ranges the use assault backpacks in conjunction with plate carriers and chest rigs. This method created inefficiency in the operator’s movement due to the overlap of the straps of each piece of kit. The industry then moved to a new standard, the fixed assault backpack mounted with MOLLE/PALS on the back panel of the plate carrier, this of course changed the dynamics since the operator was unable to reach and utilize the equipment mounted on his back.
The FROG.PRO Easy Access Backpack is designed to allow the operator to secure the pack without the overlap of straps (especially in the area in which the long weapon is shouldered).

frogpro-eab-easy-access-backpack-multicam-7 frogpro-eab-easy-access-backpack-multicam-6 frogpro-eab-easy-access-backpack-multicam-5 frogpro-eab-easy-access-backpack-multicam-3

The pack features a bungee cord internal retention system and a loop Velcro® panel deigned for securing mags, frags, flashbangs, or M18 smoke. The ingenious and innovative design of the zippers allow the operator to access to the content of the bag both from one side and the other. When the bag is deployed in the front of the operator the whole system is turned upside-down, hence the users need two opposite points of access.

This full-size plate carrier provides the comfort and modularity needed for longer missions. The laser cut PALS system delivers a mission-configurable package without compromising the lightweight of the plate carrier, two key features for prolonged use.
The straps are secured with hook and loop directly to the shoulder straps of the plate carrier so there is no extra padding needed, keeping a very low profile. It is then possible to customize the position of the pivoting point in any area along the shoulder strap of the plate carrier, providing an extremely high degree of customization, even in the field.

The versatile nature of the Easy Access Backpack allows the operator to utilize it an extra support of equipment during a mission or as a site exploitation bag.

frogpro-easy-access-backpack-multicam-black-9 frogpro-easy-access-backpack-multicam-black-8 frogpro-easy-access-backpack-multicam-black-7 frogpro-easy-access-backpack-multicam-black-6 frogpro-easy-access-backpack-multicam-black-5

For more info please visit: frogpro.it/product/easy-access-backpack/

LC-Hagakure Plate Carrier


The LC Hagakure full kit features:

  • LC-Hagakure, front and back parts
  • LC-QR Kangaroo Cummerbunds
  • LC-Front Kangaroo Pouch
  • EOT-Inserts, LC-Hakagure kit
  • LC-MZBP (Modular Zippered BackPanel)

frogpro-lc-hagakure-plate-carrier-3 frogpro-lc-hagakure-plate-carrier-1

For more info please visit: frogpro.it/product/lc-hagakure/

LC-Hagakure Front and Back Panels

FROG.PRO also makes the front and back panels only so that the users is able to configure the cummerbund option tailored to its needs and requirements.


For more info please visit: frogpro.it/product/lc-hagakure-front-back-parts/


LC-AWPC stands for Laser Cut – Air Warrior Plate Carrier and it is designed mainly for low-profile applications. Made with the same materials (LAYHCO®) and manufacturing techniques and processes of the bigger plate carriers, it is designed to provide flexibility and to allow the user to adapt in a quick-changing environment while keeping a very light footprint. The ability to quickly attach a chest rig allows to change the mission profile from covert to overt in a metter of seconds.

frogpro-lc-awpc-1 frogpro-lc-awpc-2

For more info please visit: https://www.frogpro.it/product/lc-awpc/


Carrying a full size trauma kit in a highly populated urban environment is very challenging but the SFD-Responder is a very discreet solution for carrying medical equipment on a daily basis. Its placement on the ankle provides great versatility and takes advantage of an area of the body that is not usually utilized (except for ankle holster for backup pistols) and most times is easier to conceal.

frogpro-sfd-responder-8   frogpro-sfd-responder-2 frogpro-sfd-responder-7

For more info please visit: frogpro.it/product/sfd-responder/

COBRA Range Belt and LC-Kusazuri Sleeve

The COBRA Range Belt is designed to be a multi-functional belt system, it utilizes an Inner-belt to pass through the belt loops of the pants and attaches via hook and loop. The belt features a Cobra buckle with a D-Ring and can be used in conjunction with a lanyard for personal retention.

frogpro-cobra-range-belt-2 frogpro-cobra-range-belt-1

The newest version of the COBRA Range Belt features the option of the Laser Cut Loops embedded within the range belt itself. For a much more complete package of attachment options, FROG.PRO has designed the LC-Kusazuri Belt Cover, which features a much more stable option for MOLLE mounted pouches. The Kusazuri Belt Cover also features side openings for better integrating drop-leg systems or belt mounted holsters.

frogpro-easy-access-backpack-multicam-black-4 frogpro-easy-access-backpack-multicam-black-3 frogpro-easy-access-backpack-multicam-black-2

For more info on the belt system please visit:
Inner Belt: frogpro.it/product/trouser-inner-belt/
COBRA Range Belt: frogpro.it/product/cobra-range-belt/
Kusazuri Belt Cover: frogpro.it/product/lc-kusazuri-belt-cover-md/

Long Range/Sniper Pack

This pack is the emblem of a modern modular design. Everything on this pack is customizable and user-configurable. Due to the “double layer” design, there are two main areas in which it is possible to store and organize gear. The outer layer consists of two panels with a laser-cut PALS interface that are divided by a zipper, which allows to gain access to the inner (and more protected layer). Also the inner layer is user-configurable via laser-cut PALS webbing. In order to maximize the real estate of the system on top of the zipper is located a retention system designed to secure a tripod (or possibly a long gun).



frogpro-rucksak-frame-multicam-2 frogpro-rucksak-frame-multicam-1 frogpro-rucksak-frame-multicam-4

As of now there are not many details in regard to this product, you can keep track of it on the FROG.PRO website or on the FROG.PRO Instagram page.

LC-14CR-SF Sniper Chest Rig

The sniper chest rig is a larger size chest rig (14 columns of PALS attachment) that is designed with the sniper and marksman role in mind. The key features of the chest rig revolve around the unusual and uncomfortable positions in which operators with these roles find themselves in.
The front zipper allows to split-open the rig and therefore to get closer to the ground (and more comfortably) in the prone position.
The unique design with the PALS sections purposely misaligned and the contoured architecture allows the chest rig to fit the user anatomically, and therefore to comfortably carry heavier loads.
Since this chest rig is likely going to be utilized in RECCE/patrol applications (quite possibly in conjunction with large pack), the 14 columns of misaligned PALS allow to carry ammo, radios, med kits and range estimation/nav gear, without impeding the bio-mechanics of the operator, in a position in which are readily available.



Velocity Systems Mayflower RC | New Products for 2017

New SCARAB DLX Plate Carrier

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC SCARAB DLX Multicam

The Velocity Systems SCARAB DLX is lighter than the the older version. It features a new systems that utilizes a rigid frame to create an inter-space between the operator and the plate carrier itself. The innovation seems to be driven by a desire to improve comfort and security of the user. The rigid frame in the gap allows better cooling and further safety in regards of kinetic energy delivered to the armor.

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC SCARAB DLX Multicam

 Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC SCARAB DLX Multicam

On the SCARAB DLX Pals/MOLLE panels have been substituted with a new system that features laser-cut fabric with triangular slots. These can be utilized with standard Pals/MOLLE pouches with an increase in durability. The new plate carrier also features the ability to raise or lower the height of the Swiftclips, determining the position of the placard (or broken down chest rig) without adjusting the plate carrier. This seems a very interesting feature for all those special applications that for example require to be seated in a vehicle or prone on the ground for long periods of time.

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC SCARAB DLX Multicam Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC SCARAB DLX Multicam

New 48 Hours Assault Pack

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC 48 hour Assault Pack Wolf Grey

The 48 Hour Assault Pack is the latest addition to their low-profile line of packs. Velocity Systems and Mayflower RC have been well known in the industry for the 24 Hour Assault pack, available both with fixed shoulder straps and with Helium Whisper attachment.

With the larger 48 hour version they seem to have gone through the fixed shoulder strap route, quite possibly due to the size and the purpose of the pack.

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC 48 hour Assault Pack Wolf Grey

On the left side is a very discreet 2 x 3 panel of pals webbing, while on the right side the elastic pocket can store water bottles and radios. Overall the pack seems to have a very clean design, just like it predecessor/little brother.

New Full Feature Chest Rig

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC Chest Rig Wolf Grey

Velocity Systems and Mayflower RC are well known in the industry for their plate carriers and their chest rig. What sets them apart from other competitors is the availability of the SwiftClip attachment throughout the whole line up. We had the opportunity to use the combination of LightWeight Plate Carrier and the Quad 556 placard (here is the review).
The latest product aims at bringing an additional customer configurable option to the line of chest rigs with the tactical pack attachment and the front plate pocket.
The pack attaches to the male buckles of the chest rigs and utilizes the shoulder straps as a support for both the pack and the chest rig. Two side attachment provide additional stability and rigidity to the platform. This seems to be a very interesting product for all of those that are not interested in carrying an integrated plate carrier or that are not interested at all in carrying one (for long operations for example).
Often times users prefer to evenly apply armor to the front and back of a plate carrier rather than only in the front of a “Rhodesian-style” chest rig due to uncomfortably unbalance. In this instance the back panel allows to carry a water reservoir and to attach a 24 hour assault pack, which will probably even out the weight of the front plate and the gear/ammo carried in the chest rig.

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC Back Panel chest Rig Wolf Grey

We have seen many photos of user-made platforms of chest rigs and hydration packs attached with zip-ties or 100 mile an hour tape so we are excited that a company like Velocity Systems and Mayflower RC has decided to also move in this direction.

Summit 30L

Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC Summit 30L Velocity Systems & Mayflower RC Summit 30L