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SHOT 2020 | First Spear Range Day

Oakley SI at the First Spear Range Day

Oakley presented a new frame, the HNBL (Hannibal). This new spectacle meets or exceeds the ANSI 87+ standard and wraps around the eyes providing full coverage and great peripheral vision. It features a thin stem for use under COMMS/Ear Pro and feels similar to the beloved Shocktube frame. What differs from the latter is the ability for the user to switch between lenses without tools while maintaining a high level of protection. Also, the main feature of the HNBL is the compatibility with RX lenses.
Available soon with Clear, TR22, TR45, Prizm Grey and possibily Prizm Maritime lenses.

SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-19SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-20SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-21

CORE Survival at the First Spear Range Day

SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-22SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-23

Triarc Systems at the First Spear Range Day

This year we have tried a 12.5″ barrel with a really smooth mid-length gas system. Quite possibly the only ARs that we have shot suppressed during the range days that were pleasant to shoot because they did not have annoying back-pressure.

SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-24

God’s caliber, with a gun that lives up to it.

SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-25

Also at the First Spear range day were the new Mayhem Syndicate comps.

SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-26

First Spear Armor Demo

The armor tested on manny were a covert soft armor, a covert hard plate and a buoyancy-neutral hard plate. They were shot with an overwhelming amount of firepower point-blank but they held up, with amazement from the crowd. Below are some images of the demo, in the following days details on ammo and firearms will be provided.

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SHOT Show 2019 | CORE Survival

Let’s take a closer look at the new products from CORE Survival showcased at SHOT Show 2019.
With a very close relationship between the company and the Special Operations community CORE Survival is able to design products that solve specific issues operators face during MFF, night operations or other activities.

By carefully and accurately gathering feedback from operators these products are designed, brought to life and thoroughly tested.

HEL-STAR 6 Gen 3 | Lead Jumper Light

During HALO or MFF ops there are times in which it is necessary to mark the lead jumper to achieve a safer and overall more smooth jump.
Because of the highly dynamic environment and the amount of lights that are usually visible in the jumper’s sight it is very difficult to distinguish to follow the lead jumper.
Beacuse of this issue CORE Survival has created a variant of the ubiquitous Hel-Star 6 that features a distinct D-pattern morse code to designate a specific jumper, usually the lead jumper. This feature is applied both to the overt settings for training or high altitude (visible light) as well as to the covert setting with a D pattern morse code IR strobe for operative use.

As you can see from the images below the Lead Jumper variant features a unique colorway (Tan + Black) to immediately and easily differentiating the device.

SHOT Show 2019 CORE Survival Helstar 6 LE Law Enforcement (7)
CORE Survival Hel-star 6 Lead Jumper
SHOT Show 2019 CORE Survival Helstar 6 LE Law Enforcement (6)
SHOT Show 2019 CORE Survival Helstar 6 LE Law Enforcement (6)

The HEL-STAR 6 Lead Jumper variant is available with the following filed programmable modes:

A1 = Green (Flash)
A2 = Green + White (Bright Flash in morse D-pattern strobe)
B1 = IR Steady
B2 = IR Strobe in morse D-pattern

Agilite & CORE Survival Guardian

SHOT Show 2019 CORE Survival Helstar 6 LE Law Enforcement (6)


The HEL-STAR 6 Gen 3 devices are now available in the IR Strobes in the SWIR spectrum, with the following filed programmable modes:

A1 = Green (Steady)
A2 = Green (Flash/Bright)

B1 = IR 1064nm (Flash/Bright)
B2 = IR 1550nm (Flash/Bright)

SHOT Show 2019 CORE Survival Helstar 6 LE Law Enforcement (6)

HEL-STAR 6 Law Enforcement Variant

The LE Tactical model comes with very specific features and modes that are designed for the growing tactical Law Enforcement community. With much more night vision devices fielded everyday to officers all over the world there is a growing need for IR/visible devices able to recognize and organize officers during a tactical operation, especially when aerial overhead assets are involved.

Red/Green flash: Label separate teams in open area team movement (woods, parks, etc.). Valuable for real-time TOC intelligence.
• Flashing red during warm zone triage care of personnel who cannot self-extricate but are stable – RTF Teams can easily ID on approach.
• Green flash on Initial containment to indicate command post location.
• IR – easy team tracking using NODS, sniper NV overwatch or overhead helicopter cameras. Substantial improvement over past options (IR reflective patches) due to its 360-degree visibility.
Field reprogramming option is available with the purchase of a Programming Interface Module (PIM).