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Haley Strategic Partners|D3CRX

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The Haley Strategic D3CR (or Disruptive Environments™ Chest Rig) has been, since its first release, one of the most adaptable and versatile Chest-Rigs on the market. After the release of the first version that allows to carry 4 rifle magazines (both STANAG and AK 7.62 x 39mm and 5.45 x 39mm) they have focused on the 7.62 NATO and 308 market with the D3CR-Heavy. These products have always shared many features in their designs, both structural and pouches placement.
With the latests addition in the line HSP will provide the user with a parallel option to the original D3CR.

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The new Disruptive Environments™ Chest Rig X mainly features a different configuration of storage capabilities; they have substituted the bungee multi-purpose pouch with two Multi-Mission pouches. This modification creates a much more streamlined set-up and provides the user with more options -regarding the carry of multi-tools, hand-held flashlights and sidearm magazines. The Multi-Mission pouch houses magazines of the most popular single-stack and double-stack handguns keeping very good retention with both a bungee cord and a magnet.

HSP_HaleyStrategicPartners_D3CRX_Chest_RigX (1)

The new chest rig borrows the X nomenclature by the new X-shaped harness design; conceived for added comfort in prolonged uses and for further user-adjustably. The D3CRX does not preclude the use of any Haley Strategic Accessories.

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The D3CRX is available in Black and Tan for $180 and in Multicam and Multicam Black for $ 185.

For more information please visit Haley Strategic Partners‘s website: haleystrategic.com/equipment/chestrigs/d3crx


Haley Strategic Patrners Introduces the D3X

ImageHaley Strategic has introduced an upgrade product for the HSP Disruptive Environments Chest Rig (D3CR): the D3X.

The D3CR Expansion System (D3X) was built to better fit the need of an end user who needs to quickly adapt between different dynamic situations.


HSP developed the D3CR Expansion system with the idea of extending the capability of the operator, without sacrificing the low profile footprint of the D3CR.

The D3X consists of three items available in Black, Coyote and MultiCam:

Image   ImageImageThe D3X Holster Wedge provides an envelope for the user to insert a holster that sits between the rig and the body armour. Available for $29.


ImageImage  ImageThe D3X Double Magazine Wedge velcroes directly onto the back panel of the D3CR, allowing to carry 2 extra M4 mags. Available for $35.


ImageThe D3x Multi-Mission Hanger is a drop down pouch to store any number of tools, lined with loops to secure and organize the content. Available for $45.


Attaching seamlessly to the hook panel on the back of every D3CR, the components can be used individually or pancaked into a Holster/Hanger or Double Mag/Hanger combo. These components will work on the stand-alone rigs, as well as when clipped into any plate carrier using the Velocity Systems Swift Clip Attachment System, ideally armor carriers made by Velocity Systems and Mayflower Reasearch & Consulting.