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SHOT 2020 | 5.11

RUSH 100 Backpack

In the pack category, 5.11 will add to the all-time best-selling RUSH TM series with the new RUSH100™. The RUSH100 will be the largest pack at 60L in the RUSH series, which is known for its unmatched storage capabilities, durability and MOLLE web platform. The RUSH100 features a compressible front access compartment, removable side pouches, a removable load-bearing belt and a custom flat aluminum bar frame with stability fiberglass rods, together with the RUSH line’s signature CenterLine TM design. The 270-degree clamshell opening means better access to gear at the bottom (MSRP: $264.99).

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New ATLAS Footwear Models

One of 5.11’s biggest launches at SHOT will be the A.T.L.A.S. Footwear collection for Spring 2020. Several years in the making, the A.T.L.A.S. (All Terrain Load Assistance System) footwear series enhances agility and stability while at the same time adding cushion support. The A.T.L.A.S. Boots—available in 8 inch and Mid heights—featuring our new Echo TM (high rebound) and Force TM (high impact) foam midsole with the A.T.L.A.S plate for torsion and stability control while carrying an additional weight. 5.11 utilized a key engineering partner to help create these new foam formulas. In addition,
featuring a new Ortholite® footbed, slip/oil resistant outsoles, highly breathable uppers for maximum comfort.

SHOT Show 2020 511-8SHOT Show 2020 511SHOT Show 2020 511-2

5.11 A.T.L.A.S. MID BOOT

SHOT Show 2020 511-4

This new mid-height boot from 5.11 was designed to provide a similar level of comfort, light weight and mobility of many models from the outdoor industry (for 3D molded TPR toe and heel protection, a welded/mesh upper, and high performance, high traction outsole, the All Terrain Load Assistance System will mitigate the rigors of a heavy load bearing job (and in no small way, either). The mids were developed to work with your “work weight”. Work longer, with less stress even when you’re loaded down.

  • Echo Foam™ high rebound/energy return PU and Force Foam(TM) lightweight PU impact cushioning Ortholite® footbed
  • A.T.L.A.S. All Terrain Load Assistance System
  • ASTM slip and oil resistant high traction outsole
  • 3D molded TPR toe and heel protection
  • Welded mesh upper
  • 5.11 A.T.L.A.S Support Plate
  • Echo Foam™ high rebound/energy return PU and Force Foam(TM) lightweight PU impact cushioning Ortholite® footbed

5.11 A.T.L.A.S. Trainer

SHOT Show 2020 511-5

Get your physical training off on the right foot. All the features of the All Terrain Load Assistance System are available in a shoe designed to help you undergo every kind of workout punishment you can stand. And some you can’t.

  • High abrasion mesh with welded support for structure
  • TPU toe for durability
  • A.T.L.A.S. Echo Lite high rebound EVA/outsole
  • Compatible with A.T.L.A.S support plate
  • 5.11 A.T.L.A.S. – All Terrain Load Assistance System

5.11 A.T.L.A.S. 8″ Boot

The 8 in. 5.11 A.T.L.A.S. is a performance boot built from the sole up to increase performance. The All Terrain Load Assistance System is a force multiplier for those who carry heavy weight on long shifts. These boots were developed to work with your “work weight”. This boot is constructed of nylon with high abrasion air mesh, a water resistant suede upper. Additional features locking ankle eyelet, and a high traction outsole so you can take those corners in a foot pursuit or run headlong into whatever challenge you’re up against.

  • Water resistant suede leather upper with high abrasion air mesh nylon
  • Locking ankle eyelet for secure lacing and fit
  • Slip and oil resistant high traction outsole
  • 5.11 A.T.L.A.S Support Plate
  • Echo Foam (TM) high rebound/energy return PU and Force Foam(TM) lightweight PU impact cushioning
  • Ortholite® footbed
  • 5.11 A.T.L.A.S. All Terrain Load Assistance System

SHOT Show 2020 511-6SHOT Show 2020 511-7

5.11 A.T.L.A.S. 8″ Side Zip Boot

The 5.11 A.T.L.A.S. 8” Side Zip is a performance boot built from the sole up to increase performance. The All Terrain Load Assistance System is a force multiplier for those who carry heavy weight on long shifts. The boots were developed to work with your “work weight”. This boot is constructed of nylon with high abrasion air mesh, a water resistant leather upper, and because so many professional jobs demand it – a polishable toe.

  • Polishable toe
  • Water resistant leather upper with high abrasion air mesh nylon
  • Full-length YKK® side zipper
  • Locking ankle eyelet for secure lacing and fit
  • slip and oil resistant high traction outsole
  • 5.11 A.T.L.A.S Support Plate
  • Echo Foam (TM) high rebound/energy return PU and Force Foam(TM) lightweight PU impact cushioning Ortholite® footbed
  • 5.11 A.T.L.A.S. All Terrain Load Assistance System

SHOT Show 2020 511-9

Echo TM (high rebound) and Force TM (high impact) foam midsole

SHOT Show 2020 511-3

Vehicle Ready

A new line of vehicle preparedness products for 2020 offer users customized gear storage solutions for their vehicle. The Vehicle Ready Hexgrid ® Seat and Headrest Platform are built to organize accessories and attachments on 5.11’s patented Hexgrid multi-angle load bearing panels. A quick release system allows users to easily transfer the panels from one seat to another, as well as arrange facing forward or back. The Seat and Headrest platforms accept 5.11 Gear Sets and include a removable mesh accessory bag (MSRP: VR Hexgrid Seat $47.99, VR Hexgrid Headrest $16.99).

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Load Ready Utility Bags

The new Load Ready Utility Bags offer a durable utilitarian tactical storage solution to plastic bins commonly used for vehicle gear storage. Available in three sizes – medium, medium tall and large – the bags are built for the toughest wear and tear. Each bag is protected on the bottom by an abrasion resistant, waterproof, dual layered panel and constructed with 1050D Nylon, heavy-duty thread, reinforced bartacks and dual layered webbing. A roll-up, heavy-duty mesh lid zips shut or rolls open with a toggle/loop system. Side grab handles or carry handles offer different carry options, and an internal mesh pocket keeps smaller items accessible. The new Load Ready Haul Pack features the same heavy-duty construction but converts from a tote bag to a backpack for transitions from car to trail. (MSRP: Pack $109.99, Utility Large $74.99, Medium Tall $64.99, Medium $59.99)

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Helmet/Shove-it Gear Set

We have seen this accessory last year but it is now shipping.

SHOT Show 2020 511-27SHOT Show 2020 511-28

Utility 9X9 Gear Set

The Utility 9×9 Gear Set™ expands the list of options with 249 cu. in. of organized cargo space to separate and access gear. Two primary compartments and a front zippered pocket provide rugged compartmentalization, with a forward tilting tray front compartment wall to allow easy access. The reinforced front wall features a removable PE board and opens up to 90°. The main compartment contains a file system with elastic bands, slip pockets and a divider for organizational needs. The rear compartment is equipped with elastic bands for magazines or other accessory retention, and has a zippered closure. Stow and secure a tourniquet, multi-tool, flashlight and spare batteries, a cell phone charger, or use it as a map board for land nav or mission notes. The Utility 9×9 Gear Set™ is compatible with the entire ALL MISSIONS line.

SHOT Show 2020 511-29SHOT Show 2020 511-30SHOT Show 2020 511-31

New Shirts and Pants

SHOT Show 2020 511-32SHOT Show 2020 511-35SHOT Show 2020 511-36SHOT Show 2020 511-37SHOT Show 2020 511-38SHOT Show 2020 511-39

Norris Show in Black Multicam

After its wild success in 2019, 5.11 is continuing its Norris Sneaker line with its new colorway, Black Multicam. The casual high-top sneaker is stacked even higher with style, comfort, and tactical intelligence. The Vibram® outsole with XS Trek provides the optimal balance of traction and durability, particularly on wet surfaces, and Ortholite® technology cushions your feet in total support and comfort. The Norris is ASTM certified for puncture resistance and built with a super-strong Welmax board that guards your feet against up to 1,200 newtons of force. From the outside in, this shoe is more than show.

SHOT Show 2020 511-34

SHOT Show 2019 | Matbock


The Cobra is the lightest and smallest hoistable evacuation stretcher that is easy to assemble and includes the following features.

  • Total Weight – 8 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity – 600 lbs
  • Decontamination Ready – Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Material, Kevlar Stitching, Kevlar Webbing
  • All straps included and configured for both vertical and horizontal lift

The impressive Ghost fabric from Matbock provides a great balance between strength and lightweight. Made from Ultra High-Density Polyethylene, it will not absorb water, biological or chemical hazards and can handle decontamination in all standard chemicals without degradation in strength or abrasion resistance.

The upper portion of the hard material contours around the head of the patient aiding in immobilizing. Its curved shape reduces the risk of snagging on objects on the ground while dragging.

Two straps placed by the head of the patient allow for single-man or two-men pull.

Color coded straps/handles for efficiently securing the patient without risking strap misalignment that could potentially throw the Sled out of balance when lifted or hoisted.

Heavy duty hardware and Kevlar webbing for maximum security
Heavy duty hardware and straps with Kevlar thread stitching

Learn More on the Matbock Cobra Sled


The ARDS is an aiming device designed for improving accuracy of grenade launchers during Day/Night operations.
Using a ballistic calculator with a pre-installed projectile and ammunition database it is able to calculate and advise the operator on angle, tilt and orientation for maximum effectiveness.

• Made from anodized aluminum
• Integrated picatinny rail mount
• Digital LCD Screen that outputs range of projectile based on angle of weapon
• Designed for the 203, 320, and PGL6 weapon platforms
• More weapons and rounds to be brought on-line and each sight can be updated with new software
• Integrated buttons allow operator to set platform and ammunition for correct ballistic calculation

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The new Travel Bags from Matbock are made of the same material used for professional medical items such as the Sled and other stretchers from Matbock. Although this textile technology was developed specifically for tactical medicine field, there are many features that can improve everyday travel and fitness life:

  • Hydrophobic fabric provides water repellency and odorproofness, ideal for travel and fitness use.
  • Great mechanical strength ensures longevity, especially when containing hard and pointy objects.
  • Thin and lightweight fabrics are more suitable for bags and suitcases organization because they are able to adapt while keeping separation between clean and dirty clothes.
  • Water resistant zippers are just the cherry on the cake

The new line of travel pouches can be purchased from Matbock as a kit for $ 200 or as single items.
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Matbock PVS-31 Skins NVG Skins Multicam Ghost Fabric

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SHOT Show 2019 | Angel Armor’s Ally One

The best solution for discretely everyday carrying a bulletproof panel in your backpack.

Ally One Angel Armor Backpack Ballistic Bullet Proof Panel Insert

Angel Armor produces an extremely lightweight ballistic panel for backpack carry. The panel is flexible and contours to the body allowing to comfortably carry it all day.
The two key features of this panel are:

  • Exceeds NIJ Level IIIA standards for multi-round handgun protection
  • Compliant with TSA material regulations

The Angel Armor Ally One is available in four different sizes, allowing for a tailored solution for different size backpacks.
8″ x 11″, 9″ x 12″, 10″ x 13″, 11″ x 16″.

SHOT Show 2019 | SilencerCo

After the launch of the modular Switchback 22 can, SilencerCo has started to study an application of similar modularity to other silencers. This is the prototype of new modular 30 cal can from SilencerCo for center-fired firearms.
This silencer, with a bore for 30 Cal rounds will also be used with 9mm SMGs and pistol caliber carbines, making it extremely versatile. Being a modular design it will be possible to unscrew the end module and, removing the endcap, it will be possible to shorten the length of the silencer at the field level.

The 9mm short configuration will perform similarly to an Omega 9K while in the long configuration the decibel count will be similar to an Octane 9.
With the 30 Cal endcap it will be close to what the Omega does to 308, 300 BLK and 556.

Mounting options:

  • Saker and Chimera direct threads
  • ASR mount
  • Modified piston of the Hybrid
  • Trilug mount

The new silencer will be lighter and shorter than the Hybrid and it will have no barrel length restrictions, just like the Chimera. Full auto rated.

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SHOT Show 2019 | Kryptek

Kryptek has expanded the line of camuflage patterns for more specific environment. Their customers are still Military and Law Enforcement but they are quickly gaining popularity among “performance” hunters.

Kryptek SHOT Show 2019
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SHOT Show 2019 | Gerber: New Products


The Gerber Fastball is an EDC pocket-freindly folding knife, made in America in the Portland, OR facility.
Material-wise the blade is made of S30V steel  and the handle is made of anodized aluminum.

The design of the Fastball is very aesthetically pleasing with a slick and minimalist look. The colors are very pleasing too, the stone wash finish is appropriate to the targeted user along with its other main features: stylish, minimalist, practical, efficient, USA made.

With the implementation of the B.O.S.S. Technology with two ball bearings, Gerber has rendered the Fastball a pleasure to open and operate.
the detent ball, has a very positive feedback. The best way to describe it, especially if you have attended SHOT 2019, is to compare it to the Geissele Posi-Lock safety mechanism. This means that the blade doesn’t remain halfway open and always end its travel ,engaging the locking mechanism, making this knife extremely safe for one hand use.
We hope to see this technology slowly being applied to other existing models of the Gerber line.

The size and the shape are great for both every day carry and use.

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SHOT Show 2019 | Kestrel

Kestrel HUD (Heads Up Display)

This new product is weapon mounted directly on to the 1913 rail of the rifle and offers a very efficient view and interface for the shooter. The HUD communicates via Bluetooth with the Kestrel ballistic calculator and directly imports the data (which also imports its data via Bluetooth from the range finder).
It offers different screen modes: single target, up to 10 targets, full dope card and others. HUD + 1913 mount is 399 USD (The version with the remote is 499 USD).

Kestrel 2700

A basic weather meter with a basic ballistic calculator.
Single gun and single target operation but ready to go for simple precision shooting calculations.
Ideal for hunters, due to its price point and dimensions. (179 USD)

SHOT Show 2019 | Barrett REC 10

During SHOT Show 2018 the Barrett REC 10 was showcased during ATAC range day. This year Barrett has unveiled the REC 10 to the general public’s eyes.

This AR10 frame 308 seems to be exceptionally well built: in fact, Barrett has applied the knowledge and experience of the REC 7 production into a 308 gas gun.

OPERATION: Direct Impingement; Semi-Automatic
BARREL LENGTH: 16″ (406.4 mm)
TWIST: 1 : 10″ (254 mm)
OVERALL LENGTH: 37.75″ (958.8 mm)
WEIGHT: 8.0 lbs (3.63 kg)
COLOR: Black Cerakote™or Flat Dark Earth Cerakote™

SHOT Show 2019 | Kinetic Development Group


This year at SHOT, KDG has launched the updated version of the MREX rail for the SCAR platform. It comes in three different lengths and it feature M-Lok slot on all surfaces. The new version also extend vertically to provide protection from the heat of the gas block. Available in tan and black.

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SHOT Show 2019 | Glock

Glock 45 

This model is defined by many as an adaptation of the Glock 19X (which was developed for the MHS program) to the Law Enforcement and duty needs.
The full grip (of the Glock 17) allows for maximum control while the shortened slide (of the Glock 19) provides various advantages.
Among the pros are faster “clearing of the holster”, shorter sight radius and less reciprocating mass, both due to the shorter slide.
Although a shorter sight radius will render more accurate shots more difficult, it provides a great advantage: the shooter is able to pick up the sights much faster, both on the first shot (from holster or ready position) as well as during follow-up shots.
Along with the sight radius follow-up shots are quicker due to reduced mass moving along the slide. Instead of lightening the slight Glock has simply shortened it, achieving the same result.

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