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SHOT 2020 | Oakley SI

This year we had a chance to see some of the new Oakley SI products before SHOT at the First Spear Range Day Here are all the products release for SHOT 2020.


This year Oakley SI has introduced the HNBL model, designed to provide ballistic protection without compromising comfort. One of the main features is the lens change mechanism that allows to quickly change from among clear and Prizm ballistic lenes. It is also possible to introduce an RX lens without the use of an inner frame to hold it. This really simplifies the use of those that want ballistic protection in addition to a prescription lens. Size and feel wise this model resembles the Shocktubes, a very popular item from Oakley SI but its “Achille’s heel” was the need for a tool to change the lenses.

SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SISHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-2First Spear Range Day-16

Oakley SI Ballistic Line Miner

The Line Miner is the latest addition to the Snow Goggle line of Oakley SI. Featuring the Prizm Rose and Prizm Black lens technology; the frame of theĀ  goggle provides very wide field of view while the Prizm Rose and Prizm Black lenses give great contrast and depth perception in snowy environments. The lenses are dual vented with anti-fog coating and they meet the MIL-PRF 32432 impact standards.

SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-8SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-10SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-11SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-12

New Oakley SI Elite Assault Boot

This is most likely the first piece of the redesign of the Oakley SI boot line.
The new Elite Assault boot features a enclosed lace system for tighter fit and reduced snag hazard. the boot appears to be lightweight and it aims at providing running-shoes like comfort and mobility without compromising ankle and weight support.

SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-7SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-5SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-6

SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI-3

Lifestyle Limited Edition

Oakley is launching a limited edition commemorative model for the 75th anniversary of Iwo Jima.

SHOT Show 2020 Oakley SI Iwo Jima

SHOT 2020 | First Spear Range Day

Oakley SI at the First Spear Range Day

Oakley presented a new frame, the HNBL (Hannibal). This new spectacle meets or exceeds the ANSI 87+ standard and wraps around the eyes providing full coverage and great peripheral vision. It features a thin stem for use under COMMS/Ear Pro and feels similar to the beloved Shocktube frame. What differs from the latter is the ability for the user to switch between lenses without tools while maintaining a high level of protection. Also, the main feature of the HNBL is the compatibility with RX lenses.
Available soon with Clear, TR22, TR45, Prizm Grey and possibily Prizm Maritime lenses.

SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-19SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-20SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-21

CORE Survival at the First Spear Range Day

SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-22SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-23

Triarc Systems at the First Spear Range Day

This year we have tried a 12.5″ barrel with a really smooth mid-length gas system. Quite possibly the only ARs that we have shot suppressed during the range days that were pleasant to shoot because they did not have annoying back-pressure.

SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-24

God’s caliber, with a gun that lives up to it.

SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-25

Also at the First Spear range day were the new Mayhem Syndicate comps.

SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-26

First Spear Armor Demo

The armor tested on manny were a covert soft armor, a covert hard plate and a buoyancy-neutral hard plate. They were shot with an overwhelming amount of firepower point-blank but they held up, with amazement from the crowd. Below are some images of the demo, in the following days details on ammo and firearms will be provided.

SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-16SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-17SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-18SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-11SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-12SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-13SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-14SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-8SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-9SHOT 2020 First Spear Range Day-10