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SHOT Show 2018 | Burris Optics

Burris Optics TMPR SHOT Show 2018 (14)

The T.M.P.R. is a modular optic for AR platforms designed to be versatile and allow rapid transitions between engagements at medium-long and close distances. The primary optic is available in either 3x or 5x magnification with a BDC reticle.
The unique feature of this optic is the modularity of its three components:
1) the main 3x or 5x Prism Sight
2) the addition of an external Fast Fire 3 Red Dot sight for rapid  engagement and targe acquisitions
3) a visible red laser sight
All three components are mounted within the same platform providing an extremely compact package.

A key feature of the T.M.P.R. optic is the power share among the three components, which is user configurable. The two external accessory aiming devices can be mounted on three different dedicated slots for a maximum user customization while still keeping a single battery as the main and only power source.

Burris Optics TMPR SHOT Show 2018 (15)

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