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SOFIC 2019 | Geissele

SOFIC 2019 started with a very interesting new trigger from Geissele Automatics. This select fire trigger allows the operator to quickly and effectively switch between semi and full auto settings.

With the growing influence of competitive shooting many operators are feeling more and more comfortable with the 45 degree selectors, and with their efficiency in movement. Unfortunately, until now, this has been inconsistent between semi-auto and select fire issued rifles and carbines.

The new selector from Geissele is here to, very cleverly, eliminate that gap.
From the explanation at their booth, this product was designed to eliminate the issue with current selector switches, which require a full 180 degree manipulation to go from safe to full-auto. This operation is very inefficient, especially in instances that require a full-auto burst.

SAFE: 0 degrees
SEMI: 45 degrees
AUTO: 90 degrees (but it is spring loaded, so it requires the shooter to keep pressure on the selector switch)

Of course this selector is ambidextrous and can be fully customized with different lengths and geometries of switches.

It is extremely intuitive.

The true value of this new selector is actually in the training: it doesn’t require much training after all. It also allows the operators to apply even more the skillset developed during competitions or with modern sporting rifles.

A new selector mounted on a carbine with the new URGI

Geissele Automatics: Project Joy

The latest iteration of this platform feature a new hand guard now compatible with the RRS®/ARCA® interface.

New B5 Systems precision rifle stock

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SOFIC 2018 | Geissele Automatics: Project Joy

Mr. Geissele holding Project Joy, or the VSASS (Very long range Semi Auto Sniper System); a weapon platform that is chambered in .260 Rem but is soon going to available also in 7.62 NATO and 6.5 Creedmoor.
The weapon system is engineered and manufactured entirely by Geissele, including the innovative suppressor: Super Night Owl.