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Thermal optimization has to be considered a key priority for effective leadership. The negative effects that extreme cold and hot can have on performance and motivation are quite clear to everyone, and they have been for a long time. Qore Performance, with the creation of a whole ecosystem of products successfully tackled this issue, and in multiple fields.
Evaporative cooling requires very specific condition in order to effectively lower the body temperature and to bring the body back down to a state in which it can actually perform. To achieve the maximum cooling effect Qore applies conductive cooling instead. This means that in contact with the body is a mass of cold/hot (ice/water) capable of exchanging heat/cold in order to keep the body in a performing state for the longest period possible.
This is not an addition to the kit that is already carried. During this cooling exchange process the content of the ICE Plates becomes drinkable water, therefore replacing the hydration bladders currently carried. A solid block that sits closer to the body is also a much more efficient way of carrying a water reservoir. Bladders are inefficient and could be susceptible to rupture if not carried properly.
Now, Qore Performance also produces a plate carrier that was designed to perfectly integrate these features with ballistic protection and lightweight.

ICE: IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton

The ICE shown below features: ICE Vents, ICE Shield Plus, ICE Plate Curve and ICE Plate MOLLE Sleeve.

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Beneath the plate carrier, attached via Velcro, is a hand-warmer also designed by Qore Performance. This sleeve allows the user to keep the hand warm and therefore keeping a high level of dexterity even in cold climates without the hindrance of having them in a pocket (and without being scolded, it’s a sleeve not a pocket… DS). The zipper provides access to a compartment in which chemical hand warmers can be placed, as well as a ballistic insert, which provides ballistic protection to the lower-abdominal / pelvic area. This feature really fits in the multiple-purpose approach that is prevalent in almost all Qore Performance’s products.

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ICE Plate MOLLE Sleeve

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Qore Performance is also very active in the industrial/infrastructure/construction field.
The same thermal efficiency concepts apply to these fields.

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