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SHOT 2020 | Salomon Forces

Salomon has been moving all of the XA Forces range to a trade compliant manufacturing facility to better allow US procurement on a macro level. Salomon has also added anti puncture, anti slip (in all models) and anti static (some models for now).

SHOT Show 2020 Salomon ForcesSHOT Show 2020 Salomon Forces-3SHOT Show 2020 Salomon Forces-2

SOFIC 2019 | New Salomon Quest 4D Forces 2

Salomon is presenting a new updated and upgraded version of the Quest 4D.
The new Salomon Forces Quest 4D 2 is TAA compliant and its sole has been upgraded to protect from pierce, shock and electrocution.

The side of the boot and the sole have been updated with the same redesign we have seen in the XA Pro Line last year. This change is intended for enhance protection, durability and comfort during fastroping.