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SHOT Show 2018 | Kinetic Development Group

If we would have to synthesize the product development of KDG (or Kinetic Development Group) it would be, in our opinion, ingenious problem solving through precise engineering. This is what we think of their products and solutions.
KDG Optics Hub KDG Kinetic Development Group Optics Hub SHOT Show 2018 (1)KDG Kinetic Development Group Optics Hub SHOT Show 2018 (2)

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Kinetic Development Group Sidelok Modular Optic Mount

smom-3os-small Kinetic Development Group has once again brought a much needed solution to the market through the Sidelok line. This latest addition allows the user to quickly change optics throughout various weapon platforms with ease and without losing accuracy.

 The new KDG Modular Optic Mount is based off the proven Sidelok family of quick detach optic mounts, and features the same user-friendly, toolless design. KDG set out to design a Sidelok mount for all common, tube-style optics that will offer more user-configurable options than what is currently available from competing QD mounts. The Modular Optic Mount currently comes in three configurations, with ring sizes for 1”, 30mm and 34mm tubes.

smom-2os-small The mount is offered with a user removable cantilever bar, in which the rings securely mount. This bar runs parallel to the weapon’s bore, and is ideal for all semi and fully automatic carbines, rifles and DM style firearms. KDG plans to release a separate 20 MOA bar in the future, for those that might require the added elevation for particular optic or application.

 The matched front and rear rings are CNC machined, and wire EDM cut to be as precisely concentric as possible. The upper and lower ring remain matched for the duration of its production, and feature witness marks for assembly in the form of recessed dots. This allows the user to match the proper ring to its base, and ensure the mount is as truly aligned as possible. The rings themselves can be adjusted forward or back to the user’s preference, to avoid interference with large front objective bells, turret adjustment knobs, and rear magnification adjustment collars. The rings themselves bolt into a track system to facilitate this adjustment. The same track system allows the user to purchase and install separate rings in the future, should they decide to change to an optic with a larger or smaller diameter tube. This feature will save the shooter or organization money, as the majority of cost is in the base of the unit.

smom-1os-small The SMOM is available for three different scope diameters: 34mm, 30mm, 1″.

34mm-lineart-black-1 30mm-lineart-black-2 1-lineart-black-1 For more info please visit: kineticdg.com/product-category/sidelok/

Images and details from Kinetic Development Group