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SOFIC 2018 | Glock 19X with Threaded Barrel

During SOFIC 2018 Glock showcased the model 19X with a factory made threaded barrel for muzzle device attachment.

SOFIC 2018 | Geissele Automatics: Project Joy

Mr. Geissele holding Project Joy, or the VSASS (Very long range Semi Auto Sniper System); a weapon platform that is chambered in .260 Rem but is soon going to available also in 7.62 NATO and 6.5 Creedmoor.
The weapon system is engineered and manufactured entirely by Geissele, including the innovative suppressor: Super Night Owl.

SilencerCo + SSVI | HK® VP9®

After collaborating with some of the most respected gunsmiths and manufacturers of the firearms industry, SilencerCo enriches the Summit program with an SSVi™ signed project.

“The HK® VP9® is an ergonomically-friendly yet classically-German pistol that combines comfort with utilitarianism. When Damon Young from SSVi™ first got his hands on one, this death metal drummer turned artisan knew he had to make it his own. The SSVi Signature Series VP9 quickly became one of their most iconic modification packages, with the lines of the VP9 lending themselves seamlessly to SSVi’s recognizable style.

SilencerCo teamed up with the self-proclaimed Modern Day Mjolnir to create one of the most iconic Summit packages to date. Not only does it feature hand crafted customization by SSVi and no-two-alike finishing by Blowndeadline – this package also includes a silencer that you can’t buy anywhere else: the Osprey 9K.

Look through the images to see for yourself how perfectly these elements came together to create one of the most unique Summit packages.”


  • SSVi Customized Signature Series VP9
  • Blowndeadline Battleworn Matching Finish on Osprey 9K and VP9
  • SilencerCo Threaded Barrel
  • Black Nitrided 1/2×28 Piston
  • Heinie VP9 Suppressor Sights
  • Hand-Aged Ammo Can Carrying Case
  • Two Magazines
  • All HK Factory Accessories Included

MSRP: $2995

For more information please visit: SilencerCo.com/summit/ssvi

Kevin Brittingham’s New Silencer and Firearms Company | The Q and the Honey Badger


We have been following with great admiration in regards of engineering and design capabilities. On their Instagram account they have been posting some images of very interesting new products, from silencers to firearms and furniture. One of the most significant introduction is the “Honey Badger” a re-engineered version of the AR15 specifically designed to be chambered in 300 Blackout. For what we know (and what we can tell from the pictures) the main features of this rifle are the silencer (Integrally suppressed design) and the stock/buffer tube assembly. Since the gun will only be available in 300 BLK the addition of a proprietary buffer spring and stock may be a key detail in order to provide extraordinary performance.

kevin_brittingham_q_silencers_honeybadger_300blk-6 kevin_brittingham_q_silencers_honeybadger_300blk-5kevin_brittingham_q_silencers_honeybadger_300blk-2kevin_brittingham_q_silencers_honeybadger_300blk-3kevin_brittingham_q_silencers_honeybadger_300blk-1

The company seems to be bringing some very interesting mounting solutions for silencers. From the photos posted on their Instagram Account the Q seems to be introducing itself also in the 7.62 rifle segment.

kevin_brittingham_q_silencers-6 kevin_brittingham_q_silencers-4 kevin_brittingham_q_silencers-1

From some photos it is possible to see the internal design of the silencer, also compared to a Sig Silencer. The device itself seems to be very lightweight, a feature in which Mr. Brittingham strongly believes.

kevin_brittingham_q_silencers-5 kevin_brittingham_q_silencers-7 kevin_brittingham_q_silencers-2

We are really looking forward to have a chance to see and try these products.

All of the photos in this article were taken from @the_official_q and @kevinbrittingham Instagram accounts. The information contained in this post is based on unconfirmed rumors in the industry.

Sig launches Sig Sauer Silencers

Every shooter should enjoy the hearing safety, reduced felt recoil and optimized overall experience of a silenced firearm, whether at the range or on a hunt. SIG SAUER is committed to making silencers accessible to more shooters by advancing silencer legislation and by increasing the affordability of silencers through smarter engineering and design.

Sig Sauer Silencers Introducing Taper-Lok™—a next-generation technology, exclusive to SIG SAUER Silencers. This innovative, three-piece system is built for speed, accuracy and repeatability over time.  Modular design allows for simple and economical changes to your muzzle configuration. Integrated wrench flats mean no ratchet teeth to wear out or damage. Provides the least zero-shift even through multiple install/removal cycles. Sig Sauer Silencers For each caliber Sig Sauer allows the operator to chose between the different attachment systems, materials and dimensions; making each and every suppressor suited for the job. Sig Sauer, as for now, provides the user six different caliber: 5.56, 7.62 and .338 LM, .22, 9 mm and .45 ACP. Sig Sauer Silencers

Rugged, 17-4 stainless steel baffles are enclosed by a titanium tube for leading durability and the lightest pistol silencers available. The interchangeable baffles allow for easy silencer assembly and maintenance. The most common standard and metric pistons are included in every box, allowing you to use the same silencer on a full arsenal of host pistols. Sig Sauer Silencers

Sig Sauer Silencers will be soon available for a very reasonable price. Maybe this time your wife won’t be so upset we she finds out how much you spent on your AR.