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SHOT 2020 | Tenicor

During SHOT Show 2020 we have met with the great guys at Tenicor and they showed us their products. They have, in our opinion, approached the concealed holster problem differently and the result of this method is very efficient solutions.


This holster is compatible with a variety of compact weapon lights (the Streamlight TLR7, Surefire XC1-B, XC2, and the Inforce APLc). Retention is not dependent on the light, so the holster works without a light as well.
The holster is very comfortable since it features a body contour that allows the handgun to be well concealed without digging in your body excessively.

Built from proprietary CAD designs and precision CNC machined tooling for a positive, Trucise™ fit. Dual tension screws provide for subtle adjustments.

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The Tenicor T1 belt clip by Discreet Carry Concepts leverages strength and durability with unique Tenicor designed vertical adjustment slots.

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ARX OWB Holster

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With the MALUS SOL, excess is removed and the only thing left is holster where you need it. The minimal design is extremely low profile to keep the gun hidden.

The MALUS SOL is designed to work with the Surefire X300 series of weapon mounted lights.

Due to the fact that most of the excessive material was removed, this is one of the very few holster that allow to comfortably appendix-carry a full size handgun with a full size light.

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SHOT Show 2017 | SureFire MasterFire Holster System

Masterfire Holster System


The Masterfire is a holster systems that indexes off of the weapon light. The holster covers only the weapon mounted light and the trigger guard and therefore allows almost any size of handgun to be holstered. Since the muzzle of the gun does not intersect the holster, there isn’t any interference with accessories mounted on the gun. It is then possible to mount suppressors, RDS or other various accessories and mods.

shotshow2017_surefire-masterfire-4 shotshow2017_surefire-masterfire-3
The Masterfire has a level 3 retention system and can be belt mounted. It works only with the proprietary line of lights, which includes 5 models (as of Feb 2017):

  • the XH 15 (with an entry level price of $150 and 350 Lumens)
  • the XH 35 (with a Max-Vision beam)
  • the XH 55 (with a Max-Vision beam and a Green Laser)
  • the proprietary X400 Ultra (with red and green laser)
  • the proprietary X300 Ultra H (with a Total Internal Reflection lens and 600 Lumens)

shotshow2017_surefire-xh15-4 shotshow2017_surefire-xh15-2 shotshow2017_surefire-xh15-1 shotshow2017_surefire-x400-uh-15 shotshow2017_surefire-x400-uh-14 shotshow2017_surefire-x400-uh-13 shotshow2017_surefire-x400-uh-7


The key feature of the holster is the way it interacts with the weapon mounted light, and therefore the lack of interference with accessories mounted on the gun (or any after market mods). On the Masterfire is placed a switch that interacts with the weapon mounted light when the gun is presented from the holster. When the switch is in the ON position the light, laser or light+laser combination will be turned on if the weapon is presented and turned OFF when the weapon is reholstered.

shotshow2017_surefire-masterfire-1 shotshow2017_surefire-masterfire-6 shotshow2017_surefire-masterfire-7

The Masterfire interacts with the belt system with an adjustable belt loop.

For more info on the SureFire Masterfire please visit Surefire.com


HSP INCOG Holster, Now Available for Sphinx SDP Compact


The INCOG is a minimum bulk, multi-positional, deep concealment holster. Its distinctive features enable the concealed carry of a handgun from a variety of carry positions while facilitating the acquisition of a full firing grip on the weapon prior to the draw. Inherent are adjustments in the depth of carry, angle of carry, the position of carry and security of carry. Adjustments are supported via the unique modular mounting points on the holster and the use of variable mounting components. Combined they maximize function respective to the users: body type, deployment tactics and personal preferences. The holster is adaptive to varying operational environments and mission requirements. Read More…