Desert Tech Introduces the Micro Dynamic Rifle at 2014 SHOT Show

On January 9th 2014 Desert Tech, formerly Desert Tactical Arms, has announced a new product for Shot Show 2014: the Micro Dynamic Rifle (MDR).


The MDR is a compact bullpup rifle.  According to the official press release this rifle allows the user to convert, without any tool, between 5 different calibers. The DMR uses an innovating and patented system to eject the brass forward. It also has fully ambidextrous controls (mag release, fire switch, bolt release), which allows any operator to use this weapon in any position.


The DMR seems to be very portable with its compact and balanced design, with an overall length of 26″ (66cm). It also seems to have an even more compact version of 20″ (50cm) that utilizes a 10.5″ (26cm) barrel.
The weight of the gun waves between 7.12 lbs to 7.5 lbs (3.2 kg – 3.4 kg). The gun seems to be assembled with multiple polymer-made components, in order to lower the weight.

A key feature of all the Desert Tech products is the adaptability. The best way is to have a tool that can adapt to different mission configurations within minutes. Like other Desert Tech (former DTA) rifles (like the SRS, SRS-A1, SRS HTI) the Micro Dynamic Rifle can quickly switch between different calibers, but in this case without tools. The barrel exchange is designed to retain the barrel zero without need to compensate after the process.

About what calibers  will this rifle utilize, to whom it will be available or other details we have to wait for Shot Show 2014.

With the release of this rifle Desert Tech aims to transfer its adaptable and versatile design from precision rifles to carbines. We will see very soon how the public will react to this novelty.

Giacomo Guizzardi

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