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The multi-tool is the most versatile and useful piece of equipment that can be carried, whether you’re in a urban area or out in the country you should never leave the house without one. The multiplier is the updated and more complex version of this tool and it’s usually equipped with a set of wire cutters and needle nose pliers.

Its design allows to have many different features in one single and compact package.

Gerber MP1 Multitool MultiPlier

There are many long-time famous brands that produce such tool, and one of them is Gerber. The Portland base company was one of the first to provide both to the military and to the civilian market a quality package for different tasks.

Most of these types of tools on the market are almost entirely made of metal, included the handle. What sets Gerber apart from some the others is one of their latest additions to the line, the MP1 Multiplier. This product is made of forged steel and G10 composite material. The combination of these materials really makes this tool tough, lightweight and practical. The MP1 weight is 8 oz (226.8g) and its closed and open lenghts are 4.38″(11.13cm) and 6.94″(17.63cm).

Gerber MP1 Multitool MultiPlier

The MP1 Features 11 tools in a very user-friendly package. All the tools are locked in place by a spring mechanism to prevent any accident when used. All the tools are accessible without opening the butterfly mechanism: on one side are the serrated edge full-size blade, a tough scraper with both sides sharpened, a hard-use pry-bar and a bottle opener. On the other side are: the universal 1/4″ hexagonal magnetic bit with Phillips, two flat head drivers and the flat edge full-size blade.


Both the serrated and plain edge blades are full size and because of the 420 HC steel used they really need little care. This material contains a good quantity of chromium which helps to prevent corrosion while still keeping good edge retention and toughness. Gerber decided not to put a saw in the MP1 because of the more accelerated oxidation process than normal blades. Instead of putting a regular saw they decided to add an all serrated blade in the package, to cut through all those harder material that a plain edge cannot face.

Gerber MP1 Multitool MultiPlier

The fact that these tool are made of forged steel allows to have a greater resistance to mechanical stress and also to have more complex designs. The pry-bar/bottle-opener has a slight bend to it that provides a safer and more efficient grip to the user.

Gerber MP1 Multitool MultiPlier

Gerber has added a 90 degrees straight-edge blade to the tool. This tool is probably one of the toughest of the MP1 and it’s great for all those tasks that may damage the full size blades. This “scraper” has an incredible edge retention so is very useful for heavy-duty tasks. We have used this tool for weapon maintenance and it worked perfectly.

Gerber MP1 Multitool MultiPlier

The 6150HC forged-steel needle nose pliers are the key tool of the MP1. They are spring-loaded and feature 4 grips/tools in one very compact package. From the head to the rotating axis are: very fine serrations ideal for delicate and precise use, rough and tough serrations ideal for heavy use (also with hard materials), wire strippers and wire cutters.

One of the most common failures of multipliers is a broken spring after the tool has been under heavy weight to it. We have to say that we applied heavy weight to it but we did not have any issues.

Gerber MP1 Multitool MultiPlier

For a long time we have been looking for a multi-tool that could be carried every day in a backpack and also used for professional applications. While scanning through the market we have come across some very good products. Despite the many different features and the very good reputation they had we didn’t appreciate the all-metal construction for EDC purposes. We believe that the use of G10 scales in these tools really helps keeping the weight to an acceptable minimum.

Gerber MP1 Multitool MultiPlier

With this product in your person you will quite literally always have the right tool for the right job. We cannot recommend this product enough: it’s a great product. Reliability, heavy-duty use, good materials and compact/lightweight package make the Gerber MP1 one of the best multiplier on the market.

We also love the fact that this tool is Berry compliant and it is made in the United States [Portland (OR)].

We really look forward to trying also the newest miltary version of this multiplier, the Gerber MP1 MRO.

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