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High quality hard cases are a vital piece of equipment for maintain the best reliability of your tactical or sporting shooting gear. When you store a gun (possibly clean…) inside a Peli Case, you know for sure that it is going to operate the next time you use it.
Some may argue that soft cases are more flexible and versatile. In our opinion, the whole gear should be stored in both hard and soft cases. When it comes to weapons, scopes, electronics and precision items the hard case is the obvious choice; but for soft-goods and tactical/outdoor equipment in general soft cases provide the best flexibility.


Pelican offers a very wide gamut of products, from SD memory cases to rifle cases to even large cases for aircraft replacement parts; which provides a protective solution tailored to the operator’s needs. In addition to this Peli provides the cases with multiple inserts such as “Pick and Pluck” foam, regular foam, padded inserts (ideal for cameras and electronics in general) or simply empty. The foam inset helps booth helps with keeping all the equipment nicely organized and protects any fragile items from accidental bumps. In this article, the 1450 case is provided with the “Pick & Pluck” foam insert.


The watertight gasket protects the content from dust, sand and water. All pelican cases have proprietary valve that allows the pressure to be stabilized equally between the inside and the outside of the case. This particular feature may not seem important but is vital both for very fragile electronics and for operating at different barometric excursions.



The handle is rubberized and heavy duty, allowing to comfortably carrying a hefty load. Peli cases are designed to exceed military requirements, in both protection and practicality. The locking mechanism is tough and reliable; and when on the move all of the components quietly sit in position, leaving an almost invisible sound footprint. It is safe to say that all of the material used in the construction of this product are of very high quality.



The hinge’s action is smooth and reliable; we have extensively used this case in bad weather, mud and sand and there has never been an issue opening the lid. The quality of the foam inserts utilized is also high; even after long range sessions the heat of the weapon did not affect the integrity of the material. The pick n pluck design allows the user to quickly and effortlessly cut the insert with the best layout for the specific content or mission. It also supports the weight very well.


For a gun owner this product serves as a vital piece of equipment. There is, in our opinion, a huge gap between your gun being store in a safe at home and pointed towards the target at the range; this is the area where a mobile and lockable safe storage system comes into play.
A hard case is one of the most secure places to store a firearm when on the move, especially in a car. It is possible to fly with a weapon, these days, it is mandatory that it is stored in a lockable hard case. In our opinion, whether at the range or on duty, your pistol should be in a Peli Case as soon as it exits your holster (of course this applies also to long guns).


We believe that this product can apply to the lifestyle of the all of the members of the gun community, from the Elite Operators, to the Hunters, to the Competitive Shooters or simply to the gun enthusiasts. These high-quality hard cases provide protection to the equipment as well as safety in the surroundings; it is vital that all weapons must be stored inside such cases, especially when on the move. For a long time our equipment will have a very safe place to stay, inside a Peli Case.

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