FirstSpear Introduces Base Layers Bottoms in American Merino Wool

FirstSpear first introduced the merino wool line of apparel a few years ago and since then has steadily kept adding pieces, based both on consumer feedback and manufacturing capabilities. After focusing extensively on merino wool tops and gloves FirstSpear has now brought the attention of bottoms, adding 3 pieces to the line.

We have quite a bit of experience with FirstSpear American merino wool (all three levels: ACM 100, ACM mid 400 and the Woobie ACM 600 /Review Coming Soon/) and we can assure that these garments are designed mainly for 2 purposes: cold weather protection and performance.
Since they have just released these 3 pieces we do not have any experience with it, but if the material and manufacturing process are the same you can rest assured that they will perform.
Throughout their offering, due to production optimization and “everything you need nothing you don’t” design mind-set First Spear has managed to keep a very acceptable price, which is important because once you switch to merino you will only want merino.

All three models feature: flat seam technology, gusseted crotch, performance waistband, 100% US materials and construction.


Boxer Brief – ACM 100 Base Layer

Boxer Brief – Closer fitting to better wick moisture and support
you with a finished boxer length.

Calf Length – ACM 100 Base Layer

Calf Length – Closer fitting design, cut just below the knee. Designed to pick up where your boot sock stops and not give you a bunch of clutter and lump under the cuff of your footwear.

Full Length – ACM 100 Base Layer

Full Length – Traditional full length inseam finished in a low ankle cuff.

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