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Angel Armor has exhibited some very interesting ballistic protection solution for LE officers and for EDC needs for civilians.

NIJ Level III. The only patented Modular Plate System available on the market, with dual strike faces, ultra lightweight and multi-hit capability. As a result, Truth SNAP plate system integrates into the RISE soft armor vest to allow officers to comfortably be wearing rifle protection all day and never having to go to the trunk for rifle protection.

The Truth 855 plate system exhibits increased levels of protection against special threats in an innovative, lightweight, modular package.

The TRUTH 308C offers complete NIJ Level III protection in a lightweight, affordable package without compromising mobility.

Rise 2.0

Soft armor + hard plate system for LE.

The Truth backer is a soft armor insert that provides comfortable and lightweight level II protection for all-day wear.

TRUTH Backer
NIJ Standard 0101.06 Threat Protection (Level II)*
V-50 9mm FMJ 1841 fps. 561 m/s
V-50 .357 MAG 1801 fps. 549 m/s

Anger Armor Back Hard plate panel insert RISE 2.0

Rifle hard plate back panel insert


Angel Armor RISE 2.0 Plate Carrier SHOT Show 2019

RISE 2.0 Plate Carrier – Front


Angel Armor RISE 2.0 Plate Carrier SHOT Show 2019

Rise 2.0 Plate Carrier – Back


Angel Armor RISE 2.0 Plate Carrier SHOT Show 2019

Angel Armor’s Propietary Quick Release


Angel Armor RISE 2.0 Plate Carrier SHOT Show 2019

Radio, Tourniquet/Trauma Kit, Additional Ammo Pouch

Ally One

Ally One is Angel Armor’s ballistic solution for lightweight everyday carry. This panel is designed to be inserted into a backpack for level IIIA protection. 

Ally One Angel Armor Backpack Ballistic Bullet Proof Panel Insert
Angel Armor’s Ally One.

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