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SHOT Show 2019 was a very busy show for the SureFire booth with many new products tailored to different customer. We have seen weapon mounted lights for both tactical/night vision use as well as for conceal carry. A lot of innovation.


300 mW IR Illuminator
<0.7 mW (850 nm) IR Laser

400 Lumens White Visible Light
<5 mW (520 nm) Green Visible Laser

Runtime: 15 hours
MSRP: 1349 USD

 SureFire has partnered with Safariland for providing to the market a holster ready for duty / tactical use. Although this product has been showcased to the public at SHOT 2019 for the first time, it has been in the hands of professional users for a while. 


50 mW IR Illuminator
< 0.7 mW (845 nm) IR Laser

Runtime: 4 hours

XR1 / XR2

The rechargeable evolution of the XC1/XC2. This weapon mounted light can be recharged via magnetic dongle. While this feature can seem an improvement over the past model the real advantage is in the absence of the user-changeable battery and battery compartment. The XC1/XC2 models featured a single LED next to the battery compartment, accessible from the front. This new design has enabled SureFire to apply two 600 Lumens LEDs with two parallel Maxvision beams.

Output: 600 Lumens
Runtime: 30 minutes
MSRP: TBD (Probably around XC1 pricing – 300USD)

White Light Output: 600 Lumens
Visible Laser:<5mW 635 nm
Runtime: 30 minutes
MSRP: TBD (Probably around XC2 pricing – north of 450USD)

Stilletto PRO

With the new aluminum body capable of dispersing excessive heat the new Stiletto Pro si able to kick out an incredible 1000 Lumens.
The user interface remains the same as the Stiletto (600 Lumens) featuring the Low-Med-High switch near the bezel for admin use and the high-only switch at the “tail”.

The Stiletto Pro also features a reversible pocket clip for bezel-up or bezel-down carry. A great piece of kit.

Very close relationship between SureFire and armed forces, especially SOCOM and JSOC.

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