S&S Precision | Introducing the 757 and GRT System

S&S Precision has released a couple of very interesting products in the past few days. They have enhanced their apparel line with a patent pending pant/pistol retention system: the 757. The other system they have introduced is the Gear Retention Track, which allows the operator to attach the SMR (Skeletonized Magazine Retention) directly to the Molle webbing, a belt or even in a kangaroo pouch. 757_Launch_Draft The 757 features strategically located hidden pockets. These will allow the operator to stow a clip type knife out of view in a frontal internal hidden pocket or keeping smart phone located high and to the outside of the leg. Hidden pocket along the rear seam is large enough also to carry a rifle magazine or full size pistol. 757-5757-1 These pants also feature an Internal Belt Retention that comes with belt retention strap, designed to reverse hook on internal belt openings, without having any gear clipped onto the waistband or hanging over the belt. The 757 comes with an injection molded holster, made of thermoplastic elastomer. This system will house full size handguns such as Glocks, Sigs, etc.  The holster is symmetrically designed to be ambidextrous, with contoured surfaces for maximum comfort and angled belt slot for a more aggressive tilt forward. The Gear Retention Track (GRT) system consists of three polymer attachment structures for MOLLE, Kangaroo inserts and belts. The GRT is designed to work in conjunction with the Skeletonized Magazine Retention (SMR), already in use with the S&S Plate Frame. Gear-RetentionTrack1-a GRTBelt3The BELT Gear Retention Track allows the operator to attach any GRT accessory directly to the belt. The Multi Belt Stabilizer accommodates three different belt sizes (2.25″, 1.75″ and 1.50″). Gear-RetentionTrack2-aThe MOLLE Gear Retention Track allows the operator to attach any GRT accessory directly to any MOLLE system. With a streamlined design the GRT – MOLLE occupies two columns and two rows of webbing. GRTKangaroo3The KANGAROO Gear Retention Track contains the GRT Base Plate and three SMRs.  Velcro loops on the SMR and Velcro hooks on the back of the GRT Base Plate ensure a secure fit.


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