SHOT Show 2018 | First Spear Range Day

First Spear

Multi Mag Pouch, a rifle and pistol compatible pouch that can be adjusted to securely hold most kinds of rifle mags, from 308 to 223.  With the addition of the pistol mag inserts the pouch can hold pistol pouch with a high degree of customization in terms of position and mag exposure.

Oakey SI

New PRIZM Grey lens. Same extreme high quality and clarity of image from the PRIZM line but without any tint.
The lens provides a very crisp and rich-toned image while keeping, even in the very first moments, a true-to-life color perception.
At the First Spear Range Day the PRIZM Grey was shown mounted on an M-Frame 2.0

Triarc Systems

Probably some of the most smooth shooting AR platform in the combat category.


Very well balanced 1911, quick and accurate follow-up shots with an easily manageable recoil.


Revac USA

Showing us some tactical rope access, egress and casualty evacuation with very effective methods and tools.

This thigh-mounted pouch, made by First Spear, is designed to hold +100 ft of rope for repelling and evacuation, a compact and light weight package ideal for application in elevated urban environments.

CORE Survival


Beyond Clothing

TMG Target Systems


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