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Glock 45 

This model is defined by many as an adaptation of the Glock 19X (which was developed for the MHS program) to the Law Enforcement and duty needs.
The full grip (of the Glock 17) allows for maximum control while the shortened slide (of the Glock 19) provides various advantages.
Among the pros are faster “clearing of the holster”, shorter sight radius and less reciprocating mass, both due to the shorter slide.
Although a shorter sight radius will render more accurate shots more difficult, it provides a great advantage: the shooter is able to pick up the sights much faster, both on the first shot (from holster or ready position) as well as during follow-up shots.
Along with the sight radius follow-up shots are quicker due to reduced mass moving along the slide. Instead of lightening the slight Glock has simply shortened it, achieving the same result.


During the Industry Day at the Range it was possibile to shoot this among the other new models.

It is safe to say that, together with the 19X, the Glock 45 is one of the more pleasant striker fired duty guns to shoot.

Glock 43X and Glock 48

Glock introduced these two models right before SHOT Show 2019. They are designed to provide more option for conceal carry, a market that is continuously growing. The 43X is shares most of its features with the Glock 43, its 9mm predecessor. The single stack Glock 43 is extremely low profile and allows for maximum concealability. This model is compact along all the three axis; single stack and therefore thin, short slide, short grip.
Of all three dimensions the biggest compromise is the length of the grip: shortening it reduces the magazine capacity as well as the shooter’s purchase on the gun and therefore recoil control.

The 43X and the 48 were designed to solve this issue by featuring a longer grip, for better control and higher magazine capacity.
The only difference between the two models is the length of the slide, which should provide a great option based on user-preference, mission and climate (clothing).


Glock 19 and 17 Gen 5 MOS

Now the Gen5 19 and 17 models are available in the MOS variant. This variant features front slide serrations and modular optics attachments.


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